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  • How to Win the SEO Battle: Taking Advantage of Structured Data

    Structured data is the method search engines use to automatically crawl your website and to truly understand it.
  • Top 5 Exceptional Design Tips

    In today's day and age, everyone everywhere is connected to the Internet. That being said, businesses today must stay at the forefront of all digital design trends to transform how they interact with their customers and provide a unique, yet positive, customer experience. Exceptional web design can make a huge ...
  • Sitefinity DEC Persona Templates and Action Plan

    Marketing in the digital realm is about knowing what your potential customers are looking for and anticipating what will appeal to them. That’s why all digital marketing strategies begin with Buyer Personas, those fictional representatives of your ideal customers we all execute so much research to create. And we execute that research because we know the more insight we have into our potential customers, the more effective our marketing strategies will be.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Managing Related Content on Your Website

    Admit it…you’re tired of managing resources on your website. The thought of clicking through a dozen links and pages to post your new resource in all the right places is driving you crazy—not to mention having to do it all over again when you make changes! But what can you ...
  • Integrating Sitefinity CMS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Sitefinity is a powerful content management platform that empowers website editors with easy to use tools for creating and manipulating website content. Sitefinity also provides a very mature API for developers to interact with as well as a host of Visual Studio integrated tools which make common custom development tasks ...
  • A Partner’s Perspective: Why Quba Is Really Excited About Sitefinity's Web Personalization?

    Until recently online marketing and websites were a bit of a gamble. Organizations were asked to sign off substantial budgets for things they didn’t really understand. They then employed someone else to do ‘Google Magic’ and get them into supposedly advantageous positions in the search engines.  At the end of ...
  • Should Sitefinity 6.0’s Mobile Capabilities Make Development Firms Nervous?

    Like me, you probably live and breathe technology in both your personal and private life. The fast pace of change is a source of exhilaration, but at times requires certain adjustments, especially when new technologies change the way we do business.  Such is the case with Sitefinity by Telerik, which ...
  • The Right CMS Can Boost SEO Performance

    There are several important factors to consider when choosing a content management system (CMS). One that’s imperative is whether the CMS advances SEO strategies, since your site won’t do you much good if it can’t be found. Sitefinity CMS by Telerik is a powerful platform for a host of reasons, ...
  • Implementing Sitefinity Ecommerce Enhances User Experience and Content Management

    As a Sitefinity Platinum Partner, we know all the details of the CMS and the potential it holds for our clients, but were particularly pleased with the Ecommerce functionality. When one of our retail clients, Katz ACE Hardware, wanted to automate certain parts of their business processes, we found ...
  • With Sitefinity 5.4, all cylinders are firing

    With the release of Sitefinity 5.4, we, at Falafel Software Inc, have been very energized and extremely pleased with the quality and direction of the product. Hats off to the entire Sitefinity team at Telerik for a job well done. Over the past year, we have seen increased demand for ...