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  • Extend Content Block Media Upload Logic: Pre-selecting a Default LIbrary

    This blog post exposes a way to extend the default logic of the Image/Video/Document upload of Sitefinity's content blocks. Lately there have been some requests for different users with different permissions to have a predefined library selected when an upload is made. The case this blog post will cover is ...
  • Publishing Sitefinity Content to Twitter with Tweetinvi

    This post exposes a way to implement selective and instant Twitter publishing for items upon their creation. The approach relies on Sitefinity's EventHub  data provider events, and a third party API - Tweetinvi. First off a big thank you goes to the guys from Tweetinvi for providing a C# API we ...
  • Custom Subscribe Widget

    This blog post will show how to customize the default subscribe widget such that front end users have the ability to select the mailing list they wish to subscribe to. This functionality is useful when your solution includes several campaigns your users can chose from. The first thing we need ...
  • Comment Notification Based on ApprovalStatus

    This article extends the sample given in our documentation. The article depicts how all comments send their notifications while the comment is waiting to be approved. This however poses a problem - why do frontend users need to be notified that a comment has been posted while they are ...
  • Preselect field value in dropdowns using a Form Field Widget

    Lately there were several instances where clients wanted to preselect form field values based on some criteria. This blog post will show how to achieve this functionality. For the sake of a sample I will look at a case where a dropdown list has a preselected item based on the ...
  • Extend Sitefinity SmtpSender

    Sitefinity offers very easy extensibility of our default SmtpSender class. Since our Email Campaigns module uses the Sitefinity's NotificationService to send out the campaign issues, the SmtpSender gets resolved dynamically and can be replaced from the Notification profile. This article shows how you can inherit from the default SmtpSender and ...
  • Building Sitefinity Module Builder Items URL Based on Item Fields

    Recently we had frequent requests from clients who want to utilize the functionality of the Sitefinity Module builder, but for some reason named their items with the same names and therefore experienced problems when the item’s details needed to be presented as the URL constructed is duplicated. In order to ...
  • Adding Image to a Blog RSS Feed in Sitefinity

    RSS feeds are a convenient way to inform users instantly when a new blog post is available for them to review and comment. This post will show you how to add an image in the feed’s list. The first thing you will need to do is add a custom field ...