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Let's hide Upload Controls section from Sitefinity 3.6 toolbox

by User Not Found


I few days ago I created a post about how we can hide controls from Sitefinity toolbox section. Now I am going to show you how to hide upload controls section of the toolbox - check out figure 1.

The idea here is that even you deny the access to some controls someone could upload its own control. Generally the code is the same as for hiding controls the difference is that we are hiding HtmlAnchor control.

We need to find controlsContainer and then create a new instance of HtmlAnchor.This control does not have an ID, so that we are forced to use .Href to be sure that we are managing the right control.


 if (toolbox != null)  
            // find the container  
            Control control = toolbox.FindControl("controlsContainer");  
            foreach (Control cntr in control.Controls)  
                HtmlAnchor anchor = cntr as HtmlAnchor;  
                if (anchor != null && anchor.HRef != null && anchor.HRef.IndexOf("toolbox.UploadControl()") >= 0)  
                    anchor.Visible = false;  


hide upload controls in Sitefinity


                                  figure 1.


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  1. almny May 28, 2009
    thanks it's working good
    can you explan how i can hide also 
    2. Select a container drop down list ?
    3. and add button ?

  2. Tami Shaw Jun 03, 2011
    How is this done in 3.7? This "hack" doesn't work in 3.7.


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