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Welcome to the “Concepts & Theory” category

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While developing Sitefinity, we are trying as much as possible, to avoid reinventing the wheel. Therefore, we strive to take advantage of best practices guidelines and when possible extend, not write from the scratch, already existing Asp.NET features.

In this category, we’ll try to point out the subjects you should get acquainted with in order to take full advantage of the Sitefinity. For example, did you know that Sitefinity’s Telerik.Cms.CmsSiteMapProvider class inherits from the System.Web.SiteMapProvider and in similar manner Telerik.Cms.CmsSiteMapNode class inherits from the System.Web.SiteMaNode? So, in one of the posts in this category we’ll cover the sitemap topic, which is really mostly knowledge that you can use in any Asp.NET project (and knowledge that you are probably already familiar with). We’ll explain basic concepts, provide you with further resources and tie all that together with Sitefinity related solutions.

Another example of a concept that you may want to dip your fingers in is DSL (Domain-specific programming language), because the whole data access part of Sitefinity is done with 2005 and its Dbclass language.

So, to wrap it up, we’ll try to provide you here with the list of concepts, products or features that are heavily used in Sitefinity and hopefully spare you that itchy feeling when you think something could be done, but have no clue where to look for it :)

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    Concept and Theory

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