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How to get reference to Control Panel from Command Panel (Building Modules)

by User Not Found

The main purpose of the Command Panel (left part of the screen) in the module is to modify Control panel (right part of the screen) in some way - set property, call a method etc. In order to get the reference to the Control Panel you can use following code in the Command Panel :

ControlPanel ctrlPnl = (ControlPanel)this.NamingContainer.FindControl(this.ControlPanelID);

To some of you this may seem rather obvious, but I had to ask to figure this out. So to all you, mere mortals like me, here is how you do it :)

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  1. Duncan Sep 03, 2009
    I am definitely a mere mortal. Is there example code of this all put together somewhere. I can't for the life of me figure out how to change a view panel in the ControlPanel from the CommandPanel.


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