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Blog module : Categories and archives

by User Not Found
Since we have started the new blog which features Categories and Archive functionalities, which are not at the moment part of the standard Sitefinity installation, there has been quite a few requests to describe how is this done. I have done it with User Controls, and using the PostList control with the soon to be introduced CustomDataSource property. The reason I have not made these controls available for download is because they are using some of the improvements that will be introduced in Service Pack 2, due to be released on Wednesday, July 11th.

Shortly (and by shortly I mean few hours) after we release the Service Pack 2, I will publish the posts regarding these two controls together with the links to download the controls. I'm sorry for teasing you with these controls on the official blog, but you'll only have to wait for 2 more days :)

One of the other news is that Tags and Categories will be part of the standard Sitefinity installation and will apply to all Generic Content based modules (blogs, news...) from version 3.1, due to be released in mid September.

If there are some other widgets you'd like to see in Blogs, please drop a comment and I'll see what can be done. Some time this week I'll also make calendar widget available for download. The long story - short : the blog is picking up the pace again. :)


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  1. Ben Jul 10, 2007
    Really looking forward to that post. One change I would like to see is some way to direct users to the appropriate Blog page when they click on a blog post link in the Blog List control. I will try and explain what I mean. The standard blog module has the great feature that allows you to combine multiple blogs into one blog list (great)... except when I click on one of the posts it doesn't take me to that posts Blog page it simply modifies the current URL to add the Post title. While on the subject of combining blogs in the blog list. It would also be handy to have the option to show the Blog title for each post linked to the appropriate page. I hope that makes sense. Sincerely, Ben
  2. Ben Jul 10, 2007
    Another nice idea, perhaps a fun project for your free time Ivan, would be a nudge/recommend system. A user control that works with the Sitefinity blog to allow users to recommend a blog post and rank them based on highest recommendation in some revolving period of time (like 24 hours or 1 month). Sincerely, Ben

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