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TIP : How to use extensions other than .aspx with your site

by User Not Found
Stop using .aspx extension There are quite a few people that believe that sites (or pages) that have .html extension will be better ranked on search engines than those using .aspx. I really have no idea if that's correct or not... but I'll take their word on that and explain how pages in Sitefinity can use .html extension instead of the .aspx extension which is set by default.

In essence, there are two approaches, depending on to which extent your extension reform will be taken to. First approach is to change the extension on page by page basis, where most of the pages would still have the default .aspx extension and only the chosen few would have .html extension (take note that you can change extension to anything you feel like - .ivan would be a nice one surely). The other approach is to change the default extension for the whole site.

Whatever approach that you take, you need to make sure that the new extension is mapped on aspnet_isapi.dll on your IIS, in other words the request needs to go through ASP.NET engine.

Changing extension for a single page

  1. Log in to Sitefinity and go to pages section.
  2. Select the page for which you want to have different extension.
  3. Open the „Properties“ tab
  4. Open the „More options (security, performance, URLs, head tags)“ panel
  5. Add another url and set the extension to the one you want (e.g. products.html)
  6. Set that url as default

That's all. This page will be using a new url with different extension.

Changing the default extension for website

In order to change the default extension for the website, you'll need to open the web.config file and scroll down to the cms section. You'll find there pageExtension property. Change it from .aspx to .html (or anything else for that matter). And that's it. All your pages are using the new default extension.


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  1. Whatever Oct 25, 2007
  2. VINKAS India May 02, 2009
    Wow its really nice. Its will be very helpful to me. Thanks
  3. almny May 26, 2009
    i liked this option in sitefinity
    i cann't do it in normal web site :)
    i get it only in sitefinty cms

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