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„Building a module is a headache...“ - Ok, I’ll provide you with some medicine

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Building a module is a headache Apparently there are quite a few people that think that building a module is a headache. Well it’s not a headache; it’s just overkill for most of the scenarios. Due to my complete disregard of common sense, I’ve started a series on how to build custom pluggable module, before making a series on how to build an intra-site module for Sitefinity. Namely, intra site modules are far simpler and quicker to implement. If you are planning to use module on one installation of Sitefinity and don’t intend to sell your module as a third-party module, there is really no reason to build a custom pluggable module. You can take the easy way out and create an intra-site module, except that currently it’s not such an easy way out since there is no series of blogs explaining how to do that. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

To redeem myself, I’ll create a new series of posts which will explain building a Sitefinity intra-site module. The well known Contacts custom pluggable module, this time I am going to build as an intra-site module, which I hope will help to emphasize the difference of approaches between custom pluggable module and intra site module.

And finally, to get rid of all the guilt I am carrying around at the moment, I’ll make a video out of it at the end of series.

We are starting tomorrow, so stay tuned…


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  1. tYp0 Dec 18, 2007
    Awesome stuff Ivan. Documentation makes all the difference in what others can do with an application that is so-o-o familiar to you. All of the videocasts so far have been super easy to follow along with! -t
  2. Ivan Dec 21, 2007
    Hi Erick. Thanks for the feedback, I find it very useful. I will most certainly keep blogging about pluggable modules and as soon as we install latest version of Sitefinity, here on the blogs, the categories / tags will be working properly again (which is not quite the case at the moment). I am thinking about reorganizing this blog a bit, and the two new categories will be "intra-site module" and "pluggable module" in which I will try to blog regularly. I will make sure to blog about security and in general start blogging more about modules and Sitefinity API working together. Thank you for giving Sitefinity a try.

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