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Sitefinity SNP (social network platform) project

by User Not Found
I am just starting a new post series which I've decided to creatively name „Sitefinity SNP“ or Sitefinity Social Network Platform. In this series of posts I am going to build a collection of user controls, custom controls (.dlls) and modules which will provide Sitefinity with the functionality of social network application. Yes, something like LinkedIn, just not as elaborate :).

Sitefinity Social Network Platform

Over the course of the series, we will be examining many different aspects of Sitefinity (e.g. membership, profiles, working with security, working with different aspects of Sitefinity API, extending Sitefinity controls etc.), so even if you are not interested in building a social network, I hope you'll find the series interesting and useful.

At the end of the series, I will make sure to make source code as well as the platform itself available for download.

When will this be done? Honestly, I am not sure, but I will try to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. Your ideas, suggestions, questions and any feedback in general will be much appreciated, so don’t hesitate to comment.

The series will start with the next post with some rudimentary specs and ideas, and then will be continued with each post explaining the part of platform that has been completed and providing the current version of platform for download.

So, stay tuned…


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  1. Eric Winter Jan 07, 2008
    Exactly what I need -- let's get started ;-) Eric
  2. Ivan Jan 08, 2008
    Eric, thanks for the thumbs-up.
  3. Ahmet Feb 16, 2010
    wow, that's great :)
    please add enterprise 2.0 features, too.
    e.g. products (and product groups), customers, vendors (friend groups?)
    at least, you can provide extention points to add these features easily.
    thank you...

    (BTW, applications support -like facebook apps- would be nice ;) )

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