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Sitefinity intra-site modules with Visual Basic .NET: The even more unbearable Lightness of Development

by User Not Found
As promised I am posting a sample of Sitefinity intra-site module in Visual Basic .NET. You can download the sample from here, and for the explanations and installation instructions please refer to the C# version post, because the instructions are identical.

I’ll be publishing the video soon, but I cannot commit to a specific date, because of the upcoming Sitefinity 3.2 release which is the focal point of our efforts at the moment.

DOWNLOAD Sitefinity intra-site module – Visual Basic .NET version


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  1. Jan Jan 25, 2008
    Hi Ivan, I installed this module. Then, I created a new page and dragged the "Contacts List" control onto the page. When I view the page and click "view details" for a particular contact, nothing seems to happen. Do I need to drag both the "Contacts List" and "Single contact" control onto the same page in order for this to work properly? Just wanted to know the correct way to set up the front end. Thanks!
  2. Ivan Mar 27, 2008
    Hi Jan, yes the sample module has the master/detail views set up through two public controls. Another way you can try is make one control that will have different modes (and would recognize by QueryString which mode should it display). This second approach is something we are doing now with the new ContentView control. Let me know if you need any assistance.

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