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Sitefinity on DiscountASP.NET

by Ivan Osmak
As it is painfully obvious from the absence of new post, I am really busy these days working on the upcoming Service Pack for Sitefinity 3.2. So, until I get back and continue the started series and start some new projects on the blog I've been thinking about for a while, I wanted to inform you about a really cool deal you can get on DiscountASP.NET.

Namely, Telerik struck a deal with DiscountASP.NET, leading ASP.NET hosting service, which offers hosting for Sitefinity and gives a 15% off Sitefinity license with their packages. It's really hard to find easier way to get your Sitefinity projects online, plus, DiscountASP.NET offers all the latest toys - ASP.NET 3.5, LINQ, etc. Go nuts and drop a link if you build something cool.


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  1. Shaun Mar 14, 2008
    What if I build something completely lame? ;)
  2. Georgi Chokov Mar 27, 2008
    You are welcome to share it too ;)
  3. Gabe Sumner Mar 27, 2008
    This is a neat deal and a good opportunity. I am currently hosting (a Sitefinity-based web site) on DiscountASP.Net. Overall, I have a lot of good things to say about both Sitefinity & Both are solid, reasonably priced services supported by people who appear to care. However, if your web site isn't accessed by someone every 20 minutes DiscountASP.Net will "recycle" your web site. This means your web site gets unloaded from memory. As a result, the next time someone accesses your web site your application (Sitefinity) must re-load into memory. I have noticed that Sitefinity appears to have some substantial "start up" costs. At times my web pages can take 10-25+ seconds to load. That's an eternity! Scheduling an automated service to "ping" your web site every 15 minutes helps. (DiscountASP.Net has a feature that can be used for this in the "Control Panel".) This prevents "parts" of your web site from being "recycled". Caching pages also helps. You will find, however, that there are sections of your web site (the "Admin" area in particular") where you just have to sit and watch your browser spin. This can be aggravating and some web visitors won't be patient enough to wait on your web site. If others have tips or tricks for making this work, please speak up!
  4. Vagelis Dec 26, 2008
    I host also a sitefinity site at I have to agree that they have great support and fast response time. They are eager to do any configuration about sitefinity ISAPI handler mappings

    They have a nice database backp-restore tool so that you can do a full database backup/restore without their help. They allow also SQL remote connction.

    What is my worst point is the loading time. Sometimes it takes >30 seconds to load in case of incativity, even I have created a scheduled task to run every 15 minutes. Aslo control panel editing is sometimes horrble slow and you might experience session logout with no reason after pressing publish on a page.

    They have Smartemail enterprise, Smartestats and lately thay changed their horrible suport ticketing system with the SmartrTack. They are on a good overall position (slight expensive).

    Perhaps for performance issue someone must choose depending which is his target market to host on US or UK. I suppose UK servers will provide better performance for Europe located clients.

    I've checked also  which they offer sitefinity installation on their hosting plans but their support response is very very slow.

    The same also for the support response times.

    Support is very crucial and if you get response after 36 hours this is not at support.

    I'm checking also which has best performance with a Tier-1 connection. Better performance from for the same site and same sitefinity database.

    They offer many with low cost. The only disantantage is slow response time on their ticketing system. On a grade of 10 I give them 10 for performance, 10 for control panel, 10 for features, 8 for support

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