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Dev manual updates to be released on Mondays

by Ivan Osmak
Sorry, for misinforming everyone, but there is a little change in a plan - in regards to releasing the updates of developer manual. My initial idea was to do it every Friday - but turns out there are some technical issues in regards to the build and upload of the manual - that make Monday's much more suitable.

So, nothing essentially changes, except that from now on you will be able kick off your week by reading some juicy stuff from the Sitefinity Developer Manual.


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  1. sam Jul 23, 2008
    Very much looking forward to it!
  2. Ivan Jul 23, 2008
    Hi Sam, we had some initial problems with the build/upload process of the manual (especially when the period to do all this is one week), but I think we've straightened everything out and things should be on cruise control from now on. Basically what happened is that we've released one update last Friday and the other update yesterday. The new things in the manual are Events API walkthrough, Pluggable module Visual Studio template, Images & Documents API walkthrough and few others, which I've forgot now :). Anyhow, we are commited to this rapid update cycles and we will continue to improve the developers documentation every week. If you would like to see something in the manual, drop us a comment or leave a post on the forum and it should be included pretty soon.

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