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Few weeks later...

by User Not Found
It has been few weeks since we have released the all new and shiny developer manual. As promised we’ve been updating it since then (though the Monday thing failed miserably, we’ve managed to update manual once per week – so that’s how it’s going to be from now on – once per week :).

So here is a little overview of major updates:

Each of these sections consists of several topics, so we’ve been also able to keep the four topics per week promise.
In the coming weeks, you can expect additional topics in Adding new Generic Content based module section, ContentViewDesigners overview with samples for modifying or extending them - and finally security samples across all types of custom modules (Intra Site, Pluggable and Generic Content based).

Also, we are working on Templates Map section which will provide quick and simple lookup for all control templates in Sitefinity, what they do, how they look like and how can they be safely modified without losing your changes on the next upgrade.

If there is anything else you think is a top priority for Dev Manual, leave a comment and it’ll make its way into the manual.

Greetings from our small, but brave (!), dev docs team.


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  1. Richard Jul 31, 2008
    Found a typo on the Library Module overview. "In order to start using News module API, create a new instance of the LibraryManager class:"
  2. Ivan Aug 01, 2008
    Hi Richard, thanks for letting us know. I've already fixed the type and it will be updated some time next week.
  3. Ivan Aug 01, 2008
    Hehe, fixed the "typo", not "type".
  4. Adam @Habanero Aug 12, 2008
    Really looking forward to the template map. Although we can usually figure it out, would be nice to have a fast reference.
  5. Ivan Aug 13, 2008
    Hi Adam, template map is done, but needs some editing before entering help. We'll try to push this out very quickly.

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