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First book on Sitefinity: Sitefinity Made Easy, by Aimee Nusz

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First book on Sitefinity : Sitefinity Made Easy Aimee Nusz has written a book on Sitefinity, published by Falafel. The book is aimed at users and power users or as Falafel has put it:

“This two-day courseware aims to teach non-developers how to build a viable web site in two days. Each lesson builds on the skills learned in the lesson before. We also include instructions and troubleshooting steps to assist your IT administrator in setting up your Sitefinity installation and Sitefinity project.”

Needles to say, we are all very proud here in Sitefinity team to see a third party commercial literature being published.

You can buy a copy at Lulu.


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  1. Seth Sep 09, 2008
    Hi Ivan, That is great news for your team... on another front: What has happened to the Sitefinity Blogs? - it seems it has moved from the original intent of being a place to assist developers with development eg. code examples and development topics to more like a news room. I check the blog every day cause I use to find it helpful and encouraging but the last bit of sample code or tip was on the 3 July about 2 months ago. There has been lots of ideas in the forums and on this blog of things that you would like to tackle but the blog has been stark of late of ideas. Thanks for your ongoing help and sorry if I seem a little rough on you.
  2. Gabe Sumner Sep 10, 2008
    Hi Seth. Your comment isn't being ignored. I'm now working for Telerik as one of the new Developer Evangelist (my first day was this past Monday). Your comment prompted some internal discussion. We recognize the need to post a lot more frequently to this blog. I will be part of this effort, as well as others. Before this starts, there are some internal technical hurdles we need to overcome. Expect to see a lot more content in the coming weeks. In the meantime, as you mention, there is a TON of great content & contributions in the Sitefinity forums. Thanks for giving us some great feedback!
  3. Seth Sep 11, 2008
    Oh gees... the world has turned upside down... Gabe Sumner one of the most vocal Sitefinity users (and in past times scathingly so Gabe! :-) is working as a Developer Evangelist. Should expect some big things? Congratulations my firend.
  4. Gabe Sumner Sep 12, 2008
    It takes a confident company to hire their critics. I've been both a critic & a fan. Thanks for the congratulations though!
  5. Georgi Chokov Sep 13, 2008
    Seth, Let me tell you that I agree with you, and yes your comment is not being ignored. We have some plans for our blogs that you would like... :)
  6. Seth Sep 14, 2008
    Thanks guys. I am wondering if you could tell me when this topic is scheduled for release into dev manual: "Also, we are working on Templates Map section which will provide quick and simple lookup for all control templates in Sitefinity, what they do, how they look like and how can they be safely modified without losing your changes on the next upgrade." I am particularly interested in your thoughts on "how can they be safely modified without losing your changes on the next upgrade" because as a company that has several internet and intranet sites now running on Sitefinity I am beginning to tremble at the thought of the next upgrade!!!!! It looks like it will be great but I am getting concerned at the potential cost and time associated with doing upgrades where templates have had to be modified... I use to change the location of the modified templates and the set the default in the web.config that that hasn't been working in the last hotfix.
  7. Bob Sep 15, 2008
    Seth, can you explain why this hasn’t been working in the last hotfix?
  8. Seth Sep 15, 2008
    Hi well now with the new blog and news control designers in sp2 you can't specify the default template location. You get an error something like "default template is not supported." any ideas when these topics are going to make it in the manual. I have noticed any updates to the manual lately. The generic content pluggable is still only up to the second topic. :-)
  9. Grant Sep 17, 2008
    Can you post the table of contents? I'd love to see a summary of topics covered.
  10. Ivan Sep 18, 2008
    Hi Grant, I've contacted the guys from Falafel and they've enabled the preview of the book on Lulu, so you can go there and take a look at first 15 pages including the TOC. You'll notice a new "Preview this Book" button.
  11. Sara Oct 08, 2008
    Great to hear about the book... but I agree with Seth about the Blogs. And as the Forums are a great place to look for answers and help, I find that the search capability of the Forums is lacking and would help if that were more robust and simply worked better.

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