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Sitefinity controls - new topics in Developer Manual

by Ivan Osmak
Many of you have asked on this blog why have I stopped posting code samples here. Apart from being quite busy lately, the biggest reason is that I am posting samples now in the Developers Manual. I believe it is a better medium, since the content and samples are much easier to be found there then here, at my blog, where they often get buried by other posts.

So, here is one more announcement. We have posted eight new topics in the manual - covering pretty much everything there is to be covered when talking about controls in Sitefinity. The first topic starts with a most simple control possible and by the last topic this control features TypeConverter, TypeEditor, ControlDesigner... All topics are accompanied with the full samples that you can download.

Here are the links to the new topics:
I hope you will find these topics useful. As for the other topics that have been started, but then delayed... we are working very hard on finishing those as well. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the Developer Manual.


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  1. Seth Oct 01, 2008
    Incidently I just asked about dev manual updates on the forums - - as I have been waiting for the generic content based module topics to be completed. Especially the one - "Products" module – simple implementation with enabled permissions and workflow. Have a module to be complete in the next few days and was interested in the permissions and workflow topic. Any idea when they will be written? Thanks for the manual updates above - will be interesting reading.
  2. Ben Nov 01, 2008
    I just asked about this in the forums on the 10/30/2008 as well Seth.

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