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Sitefinity 3.5 Service Pack 1 released

by User Not Found
I'm glad to inform you all that we have released Sitefinity 3.5 Service Pack 1. Now, head to your accounts, grab your copy and upgrade so that we can continue with the custom ContentView settings samples - which requires the v3.5 SP1.

There are no yet any official release notes - but I am sure someone is working very hard on them - and they'll appear on the forum shortly. Real programmers don't need release notes for upgrade anyhow :).


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  1. Ben Oct 31, 2008
    Will you let us know when the documentation has been updated?
  2. Ivan Oct 31, 2008
    Hey, Ben - yes I'll post it here when its available. I am sorry that we couldn't prepare it at time.
  3. Ivan Oct 31, 2008
    Hi again, the release notes were just published:
  4. Sonu Kapoor Nov 06, 2008
    When will 4.0 be available :) ?

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