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Meet the crew next week

by User Not Found

Next week Sitefinity crew will be all over the world (well not really, but sounds very good when I put it that way). One part of the team you’ll be able to meet in Boston at Gilbane, while other part is going to IMS London.

Needless to say, pre-holidays conferences tend to be a lot of fun and we are all looking forward to them. If you are going to any of these events make sure to drop by and say hello.

Along these lines, I’ll be quiet on the blog for a while, but should be back with few more posts just before holidays and then go for it really in 2009.

I am looking forward to meeting you.



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  1. Sonu Kapoor Nov 28, 2008
    To which event are you coming Ivan?
  2. Ivan Nov 28, 2008
    Hey Sonu, I'll be going to IMS London.
  3. Ben Dec 08, 2008
    When are you guys coming to San Diego? How about LA? I could make that drive.

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