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So, how do you feel about .NET 3.5?

by User Not Found
We are working on Sitefinity 4.0 at the moment, but have decided that some of the refactoring we’ve done would be very useful to you, so we will probably release Sitefinity 3.6 with those improvements and not wait all the way to 4.0.  We don’t have exact date yet, but 3.6 should be out soon.

Now, what we are contemplating at the moment is whether to release Sitefinity 3.6 built against .NET 2.0 or .NET 3.5. Obviously, we would prefer .NET 3.5, but we wanted to consult you and hear your opinion before we make the decision.

So, leave a comment if you are for or against moving to .NET 3.5 and let us know why so (optional). Thanks.


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  1. Tony Archer Nov 30, 2008
    Keep it 2.0 and move to 3.5 in version 4. It's a fairly large move and some of us have hosts we are tied to which are currently set to 2.0
  2. Daniel Plomp Nov 30, 2008
    3.5 with backwards compatability? Don't know if that is possible, but I'm working more with 3.5 then 2.0 or lower.
  3. brian Nov 30, 2008
    I am just getting into developing with Sitefinity. I have used the .net controls with dotnetnuke. I am so fed up with dotnetnuke! Sitefinity really is beautiful and is pure .net concepts! Anyways I would really love to see 3.5 since I am just starting out. There are some things there I can really take advantage of like Linq and WCF.
  4. Joel Nov 30, 2008
    I would be fine to see the jump to 3.5, although I could see the benefit to support both in 3.5. Sometimes hosting lags in getting the latest version. Other than that I don't see any real reason to hold back. People can always wait to upgrade to 3.6 if they aren't ready for .Net 3.5
  5. Jack Dec 01, 2008
    From my experience of Sitefinity so far, I would suggest Telerik focus on stability and quality. Migrating to .NET 3.5 in the middle of a point release is guaranteed to cause some teething problems, and I can tell you as a new customer I do not want to see any more strange defects and regressions being introduced. On the other hand we are big users of .NET 3.5 so of course we would like to see this feature BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF QUALITY. Take your time with the .NET 3.5 migration and write lots of unit tests before adding features!
  6. Colin Bowern Dec 01, 2008
    3.5 all the way, but address the points that Jack brings up around a consistent, quality experience. Right now the thought of throwing users at some of those property dialogs which have very little intuitive functionality scares me.
  7. Luca Dec 01, 2008
    I totally agree with Jack. I really appreciate Sitefinity but obtaining a stable version of our last website was a long pain started with Sitefinity release 3.2 and ended only with Sitefinity release 3.5SP1. Surely .NET 3.5 would be surely better but you have to be absolutely sure of the stability and backword compatubility of what you're proposing before releasing it.
  8. Michael P. Schulze Dec 01, 2008
    Go for 3.5. I'm working more with 3.5 then 2.0 or lower.
  9. Brook Dec 01, 2008
    3.5 PLEASE.
  10. Ben Alexandra Dec 01, 2008
    3.5 for sure! It's not a hard upgrade for hosts to make and most already support it. Since you don't have to change IIS to anything above 2.0, people can just upload the new SF and it will work, as long as the host has 3.5 on that box. If they don't, the host needs to get their crap together ;) I've been running SF as 3.5 on my boxes for a few months already with no issues, so I can already take advantage of LINQ2SQL and other cool features of 3.5, even though you built your code in 2.0. Ben
  11. Erick Dec 01, 2008
    Sitefinity already works with 3.5. What you are talking about is refactoring your own code to require 3.5. Since sitefinity is closed source and we can't do much with your code, I don't see how it would benefit us for you to do this. Obviously at some point it will need to be done, but it doesn't seem right to do it at a point release phase. Wait until 4.0.
  12. Jennifer Dec 01, 2008
    3.5 for sure!
  13. Kevin Pipher Dec 01, 2008
    Based on the Sitefinity forums, v3.6 is scheduled to be released mid December, so it is perhaps 2 to 3 weeks out at this point, correct? Making a major decision such as to no longer support .NET 2.0 should require more than 2 weeks notice to your clients. Many are still only .NET 2.0 shops. As Erick said, Sitefinity will work with .NET 3.5 so developers can already make use of its features. Building the Sitefinity core against 3.5 has its benefits, but not enough to force clients to rush into significant infrastructure changes at the last minute for a point release. I agree with Jack as well - focus on QA and testing to ensure new defects are not introduced in 3.6, and that defects introduced in 3.5 are fixed. I think it's great how fast the Sitefinity evolution occurs, but I think Telerik needs to be more careful and focus on maintaining features and functionality across versions. Wait for Sitefinity 4.0 and announce the new requirement early (and loudly) so everyone knows what's coming.
  14. Chris Williams Dec 01, 2008
    3.5 has already been out for a year! ( So, while I have some sympathy for people who say they need more than two weeks notice, the 3.5 code has been out for a year already, it's had a service pack, so it's time to pack it in on the 2.0 side. I will point out for people who are freaked about dropping 2.0 support that you don't *have* to upgrade to 3.6. You didn't even know about 3.6 until this blog post, and there's really no useful content about what it contains. Just use this as a wakeup call to upgrade your site to 3.5 and then move to 4.0 when it ships.
  15. Rob Dec 01, 2008
    I would vote for a move to .NET 3.5. While I agree completely with those who've said before me that it should not be at the expense of quality or stability. The 3.6 update will be optional so that shouldn't affect the ones that have to stay on 3.5 because of hosting situations. But most reputable hosts jump on new versions of the framework as soon as they are out of beta. Just makes sense for them. There are bugs in every release and updates are problematic especially if we've modified the existing controls any. I must say quality and stability and squashing bugs should be ranked above moving to .NET 3.5, but I look forward to that day.
  16. Darrin Robertson Dec 01, 2008
    I would vote for 3.5. As much as there is always a group that legitimately require the older framework, they don't have to migrate up untill they are ready. And I would imagine the update now for 3.6 will only make the major 4.0 release better with the hindsight and experience of applying it now.
  17. Shaun Peet Dec 01, 2008
    I would also vote for 3.5 BUT... SmarterTools tried to do this with a newer version of SmarterMail a few months ago and in doing so pissed off a few thousand users who were running SmarterMail on a Windows 2000 box - which cannot run 3.5. I highly doubt that a significant portion of the Sitefinity User Base is running their sites on a Win2000 box, but it would be prudent for Telerik to make sure that this is the case. If there are no issues, bring on 3.5 for Sitefinity asap and incorporate ASP.NET 4.0 for Sitefinity 4.0.
  18. Sean Molam Dec 02, 2008
    I also vote for 3.5. It would force the hosts who are running ancient technology to either upgrade to support 3.5 or risk losing Sitefinity customers. I would love it just for the fact that VS 2008 can stop bugging me about upgrading my Sitefinity projects every time I open them, and as everyone says SF3.5 still works and is stable so those who don't want to upgrade don't have to do it immediately. I also don't know what the fuss is about with everyone it isn't like 3.5 is going to cause many major breaking changes considering it still uses the same CLR as 2.0 anyway so it is really only extra bits like LINQ and the like.
  19. Bob Dec 02, 2008
    Hi guys, Most of the refactoring that we are going to introduce in Sitefinity 3.6 does not necessarily require .Net 3.5 and therefore the codebase will be the same regardless which framework the assemblies will reference. However, we want to include RadControls for Silverlight and use RadControl for ASP.Net AJAX 3.5. Let me briefly explain what we plan for SF 3.6. This refactoring mostly concerns the backend (administration area). We have changed the object model and added new base classes and a framework for creating control and command panels. All old classes remain untouched and you can easily switch to the old interface in case you need backward compatibility. Though, it should be fairly easy to rework your admin controls to use the new interfaces. I will soon explain in details the reasons and all improvements in the new design; I will open my own blog on this site maybe next week. I will just list some of the other improvements: embedded control templates (should greatly reduce the nightmare of upgrading projects), video capabilities in Libraries module (requires Silverlight), new data provider for Libraries using Amazon S3 for data storage and streaming, possibly Sitemap service for search engines. Of course we can provide to builds one for .Net 3.5 with all features and one for .Net 2.0 with some features missing, but that is somewhat overhead for us and that’s why we asked for your opinion.
  20. Chris Bond Dec 02, 2008
    3.5 preferred here!
  21. Kevin Pipher Dec 02, 2008
    Chris W, I have to disagree with you. Many of the sitefinity forum regulars, including myself have known of the upcoming release for about a month - November 4th. ( We did not just find about about it with this blog post. By Telerik providing information on upcoming releases, we begin planning for this upgrade. Expectations and deadlines are set with internal management. Telerik changing the framework requirements at the last minute and expecting clients to simply "adapt" is not a sound business decision, regardless of how long .net 3.5 has been out. The next Sitefinity update is not just a 'nice to have' upgrade, it is providing key fixes for bugs introduced by recent versions, including broken shared generic content, url parsing issues, etc. Personally I'm all for keeping current and moving toward 3.5. It just needs to happen in a controlled, communicative fashion. The client should be #1 priority.
  22. Kevin K. Dec 02, 2008
    I agree with Kevin Pipher. I would allow the clients of yours adapt well enough to the idea of .NET 3.5. You could introduce the .NET Framework concept in 3.6, but still allow .NET 2.0 so you clients would be ready for a full .NET Framework 3.5 enviroment for Sitefinity 4.0. I personally would love to use Silverlight well with Sitefinity on .NET 3.5 Framework, but that can wait.
  23. Jay Dec 02, 2008
    I'm definitely in favor of moving to 3.5
  24. Jules E. Dec 03, 2008
    Please please please release with 3.5 or at least offer a version built against 3.5 (like you do with RadControls). I've been working on launching a Sitefinity site for 3 months but the only holdup has been trying to get it to run against 3.5 so my 3.5 subapps will work properly.
  25. Allen Dec 03, 2008
    I am also new to Sitefinity and would love to see the features proposed for Sitefinity 3.6. I didn't see a mention of supporting the new Q3 controls...would that also be included? As with any upgrade, it should be done with caution and tested rigorously. I commend you on letting us know your position and soliciting our feedback.
  26. Chris Bond Dec 04, 2008
    Why all this debate why not just provide a both versions like you did with RadControls for a bit - that way you keep everyone happy!
  27. Calvin Dec 05, 2008
    There's a cost to providing both versions in several ways: 1) Managing and releasing both versions 2) If you are taking advantage of .NET 3.5 features then you have to create alternative assemblies that do not (this is the larger cost) Note: Windows 2000 is end of life and no longer has mainstream support from Microsoft, those on it, need to come up with a migration plan sooner rather than later, more and more applications are going to have requirements that cannot be supported by that OS. Question, will you be going straight to .NET 3.5 SP 1?
  28. Markus Dec 05, 2008
    I am also for .net 3.5 - .net 3.5 has been out for over a year - Sitefiniyt is on Version 3.5 so that inplies it should be .net 3.5 :-) - If telerik saves time developing only 3.5 versions they can spend more time on new out of the box controls, out of the box mutli lingual support and so on. - Users with 2.0 Net Hosters can stay on Version 3.5 SP1 (SP2 needed for workflow bugfix)
  29. ROMI Dec 05, 2008
    We need one full stable version, no bugs to close. Close version 3.6 full stable net2. I vote : Versions 3. NET2, Versions 4 NET3.5.
  30. KhakiMan Dec 05, 2008
    I've been waiting for.net3.5 for a number of reasons. I do believe there are benefits to Sitefinity moving to 3.5 and would really like to be able to use the newer RadControls in our new site. Perhaps a bux fix for current 2.0 users and then a full feature upgrade for 3.5?
  31. Kevin Dec 05, 2008
    Since 3.6 is a point release, I do not think it is going to impact current implementations on V. 3.5 or lower. I would welcome moving over to .NET 3.5 for this next release, and I would immediately jump to the next version, particularly if some of the revisions mentioned go in. It's not as if version 3.5 is going away. Those who need to develop off the 2.0 framework may continue to do so, but I think the majority of developers using Sitefinity like the fact that things are moving forward...just not at the expense of a good round of QA :)
  32. sam Dec 07, 2008
    3.5 all the way. 2.0 is so 2005 now and old
  33. Nuz Dec 09, 2008
    What are the features targeted for version 3.6?
  34. Josh Dec 15, 2008
    I'm all for 3.5 but agree that since this is a point release, you should wait until 4.0. it's not that far in the future after all isn't it? that way you don't have to worry about adding "oh and are you using 2.0 or 3.5" to support requests for 3.6 and below.

    it makes complete logical sense to wait until 4.0 before making the project natively a different .net version!
  35. Gpl Jan 07, 2009
    Definitely 3.5 . For me it avoids the web.config clash with the root web application which is running on the ASP.NET MVC framework.
  36. Lewis Jan 22, 2009
    Go to .NET 3.5 ASAP! - The .NET Framework 4.0 is going to be out very soon (so you don't want SiteFinity to be a legacy application!).
  37. Markus May 15, 2009
    any news on an approximate release date for 4.0?

    Regards Markus

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