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Sitefinity 3.6 - once again we have heard you

by User Not Found

I would like to thank everyone for giving us extremely helpful feedback on my last post. It was exactly the kind of information we were looking for. It really isn’t that hard to develop a world class software like Sitefinity when we have such a great community to point us in right direction.

So, here is the deal.

The .NET dilemma

We will provide two builds for Sitefinity 3.6 – one will be built against .NET 2.0 and another one against .NET 3.5. It is important to note that this is the last version of Sitefinity that will be built against .NET 2.0, so starting with Sitefinity 4.0 we will not provide .NET 2.0 builds anymore. We hope that this will give everyone enough time to talk some sense in their hosting providers and that by the time Sitefinity 4.0 is out this will not be a problem anymore.

What will be released in Sitefinity 3.6?

Here is the brief overview of the things we are planning to ship with Sitefinity 3.6. In case you wish to know more, leave a comment and I’ll elaborate in some of the future posts.



  • .NET Framework 3.5 support
    This will be the last Sitefinity version to support .NET 2.0 as well
  • New framework for creating control and command panels which uses embedded control templates
  • Hierarchical content categories


  • New base classes for implementing cache substitution controls and custom cache dependencies Latest RadControls
  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q3 2008 SP1

Images & Documents Module

  • Data provider for Video Libraries using Amazon S3 for data storage and streaming
  • Support of Video Libraries using RadMediaPlayer for Silverlight  (included in Sitefinity v.3.6 on .NET 3.5 only)


  • Fixes in Images & Documents Module
  • Fixes in Generic Content Module
  • Other minor fixes

I hope that we will make you all happy with our decisions. Once again, I’d like to thank everyone on really great and helpful feedback.


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  1. Ali Khatami Dec 09, 2008
    Amazing! ASP .Net + Ajax is really unmatched when it comes to flexibility. For a long time people have been forced to use languages like coldfusion and php because ASP was just too slow. I can not say enough how great sitefinity is to its community. Building on the 3.5 platform is even better. Having the listview alone is worth me switching to 3.5. Will this still be available by Jan ?
  2. Ivan Dec 09, 2008
    Hi Ali, thanks for the nice words. Yes, we are still aiming to release it in January.
  3. Brook Dec 09, 2008
    Is January for 3.6 or 4.0? Just excited for the fixes and changes ;) This would make a great early Christmas gift, hint hint.
  4. Gabe Sumner Dec 10, 2008
    January for 3.6 is the plan. The holidays are always chaos (albeit very merry chaos) and a bad time to attempt a new release. ;)
  5. Erick Dec 10, 2008
    It seems a lot of your users are confused, example is the first commenter here.  You do not have to wait for telerik to upgrade sitefinity to .net3.5.  The current version of sitefinity works just fine on .net3.5 and you can use all the new 3.5 features, like listview and LINQ etc.
  6. Marko Dec 12, 2008
    Is version 3.6 the *update* that was previously talked about as being scheduled for mid-December?  If not, will there still be a Dec. update?  There were some fixes I was hoping to get sooner rather than later in that update, but it won't be the end of the world if I wait a bit longer, I guess.
  7. Ivan Dec 12, 2008
    Hi Marko,

    yes 3.6 is the mythical mid-December update. After some deliberation, we decided to release it in January, due to holidays, because we would not be able to provide the adequate level of support after the release.

    I hope this will not interfer too much with your plans.
  8. Andrei Jan 20, 2009
    Ivan Hi,

    How are we getting on with 3.6? It's 20th of Jan today and we are looking to buy a Standard version but would love to get 3.6 rather than 3.5. What's the latest?


  9. Ivan Jan 20, 2009
    Hi Andrei,
    I've addressed the 3.6 in my other post. Please take a look at our product page: and you will notice that with the license you are getting 1 year of major and minor updates - so if you buy a license you are not buying a license for Sitefinity 3.5, but rather you are buying license for every version of Sitefinity that is to be released in the 12 months since you buy a license. So, if you buy a license today you can download Sitefinity 3.5 and when we release you download Sitefinity 3.6. I hope that makes sense.

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