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Sitefinity 3.6 to be released in the first week of February

by Ivan Osmak
As we have released the Sitefinity 3.6 beta on Friday, there have been many questions about the date of the official release.


The official release will happen in the first week of February, or to put it plainly, next week.


The progress on making a stable, backward compatible, known-issues free release is good and we are all looking forward to the official Sitefinity 3.6 release, for which we expect no further delays.


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  1. Seth Jan 27, 2009
    Great! Can you please ensure that the fixed version of the SiteTabStrip control as it has not worked correctly over the last 3 versions (ie. It doesn't allow setting to any level other than 0)
  2. Andrei Jan 27, 2009
    Also, the Images & Documents module has quite a few bugs.

  3. Jeff Feb 02, 2009
    I'm tingly all over.
  4. Brook Feb 04, 2009
    If you need more time to ensure everything works correctly, take it!  Since we are already late on this one, a few extra days will not matter and we really prefer not to have another series of bugs that we have to live with until the next release is made. 
  5. Brook Feb 04, 2009
    Quick follow-up, love the direction you are going with the product and truly appreciate the work and support you give to us all!  Bugs just make us grumpy. 
  6. Chris Bond Feb 04, 2009
    Just wondering when this week we can expect it to "drop"?
  7. steve'o Feb 06, 2009
    Can we have a "drum roll" please.... 

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