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Sitefinity 3.6 released!

by User Not Found

It is my great pleasure to announce that we have released Sitefinity 3.6 and made it available for the immediate download from your accounts. Actually, the "immediate" part may not be correct, because due to the hosting procedures it may take an hour or so for the files to become visible.


We would like to thank you all for the support and understanding regarding the delays and we are convinced that the wait period will pay off. The release notes for the official release are at the bottom of this post. In the days to come we will be publishing the samples of the new backend implementations, while we expect to update the developer manual in about ten days with the new materials. The sample contacts and products module will be provided with the new backend implementation as well.


Let us know if you run into problems or have questions regarding the new implementations.

Release notes:

What's new?

Embedded Templates

  • Control templates are embedded into the module assemblies using a new template parser. This is done for all modules except Forums and Newsletters.

New Backend Framework

  • There is a new backend framework for rapid development of custom modules and simpler process of extending built-in modules. It was implemented for all modules but Forums and Newsletters.

Client Side Data Binding on the Backend

  • Generic Content module grid for displaying content items has been modified to use very fast and responsive client side databinding. It was provided for all Generic Content based grids.

Dynamic Links

  • Added ability to use dynamics links in editors of all Generic Content based modules and Generic Content control. This feature provides link integrity when the URL of a page or a document changes. 

Caching Substitution Controls

  • Base classes for implementing cache-dependent controls. These base classes allow controls ability to be dynamic even when on a cached page.

Hierarchical Categories

  • With this new feature it is possible to implement hierarchy on categories, where one category can be a parent to one or more child categories. When browsing by categories, users will see all content categorized in the given category or one of its child categories.


  • The default Page properties can be set through the web.config file
  • ViewState can be disabled per Page in section Page Options
  • Page Sliding expiration cache property was implemented, with Page cache duration time option

Images and Documents Module

  • Implemented  Video Library Support using RadMediaPlayer for Silverlight (Included in Sitefinity v.3.6 on .NET 3.5 only.)
  • Implemented data provider for Video Libraries using Amazon S3 and Viddler for data storage and streaming.

RadControls Updates

  • RadControls ASP.NET AJAX were updated to Q3 2008 SP2 release.
  • RadControls for Silverlight Q3 2008 SP2 were included (Included in Sitefinity v.3.6 on .NET 3.5 only.)

What's fixed?

Generic Content

  • [22547] Fixed problem with Share this content link not working content on the Generic Content control
  • [23239] Fixed problem with Tags not working for Custom providers of Generic Content
  • [21894] Fixed problem with ContentView control displaying Events when no provider is set for it and there is an EventsView control on the same page


  • [14124] Fixed problem with redirects when an extension different than that of the original page is inserted under Page URLs
  • Implemented extensionless URLs and “404 Not Found” improvements

Images&Documents Module

  • [22852] Fixed issue with a tag added for a library item applying to all items in the library
  • [21896] Fixed incorrect date Created showing under the History tab of a Page
  • [20288] Enabled Tag List control for libraries
  • [21864] Fixed the incorrect behavior of the ImageGallery control when One per page option is selected
  • [21602] Fixed issue with two ImageGallery controls on a page not working when the ContentItemKeyPersistance property of both is set to Cookie
  • [21602] Fixed problem with two ImageGallery controls on one page not working when the ContentItemKeyPersistance is set to Cookie
  • [21896] Fixed problem with missing file extension when using the “Save File" option of the DownloadList control under Firefox

Blogs Module

  • [22602] Fixed problem with BloggersList control not showing correct blog posts count when Multilingual support is enabled
  • [23811] Enabled support for LiveWriter posting under Medium Trust
  • [25429] Fixed problem with Comments not filtered correctly per Blog in administration

Events Module

  • · [23775] Fixed problem with EventSchedule control not redirecting to the page selected under the SingleEventUrl property
  • [19462] Displayed proper validation message for Event start and Event end fields

Newsletters Module

  • [26961] Fixed problem with unsubscribing the incorrect user from the search results returned upon searching for newsletter subscribers
  • Fixed problem with the Dynamic Web Services URL resolving

Lists Module

  • [26019] Fixed problem with the Expand All link not working on the List control when there are more than 10 items, and the Expandable Lists option is selected

Content View Controls (NewsView/EventsView /BlogPosts )

  • [24084] Fixed incorrect behavior of filtering by category


  • [27156] Fixed error showing when creating a Search index with a an index name which already exists
  • [20734] Fixed errors upon searching for text containing special symbols
  • Fixed error with more than one sequence of “…” symbols are applied consequently

Medium Trust Support

  • [22851] Changes made in Page Edit mode to ContentView controls are not refreshed automatically


  • [22935] Fixed problem with page permissions not applied correctly when Workflow is On
  • [22935] Fixed problem with broken Rollback link under the History tab of a Page
  • [23872]Fixed issue with NewsView control not showing proper items after Workflow is disabled
  • Fixed issue with object owners and approve/publish permission.
  • Fixed issue with preview for content items waiting for Approval.


  • Fixed issue with TelerikADProvider when the User SAM account name is missing


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  1. Thomas Feb 13, 2009
    This is great news, I can't wait to start using 3.6!  I already have one project lined up to use 3.6 and have been awaiting the parent/child category support.
  2. Sean Molam Feb 13, 2009
    Great news Ivan, congrats to you and your team, can't wait to give it a whirl and to finally have a good upgrading experience, now if you can do the same thing with the admin section so I don't lose my customisations then I will say that the upgrading experience is perfect :)
  3. Ivan Feb 13, 2009
    Hi Sean Molam,

    admin templates are embedded as well, which means that we will not ship the templates outside of assemblies anymore. There are some templates that we did not have time to embed for this version, so this may confuse you a bit (and I apologize for that), but Sitefinity 4.0 will not come with any external templates. In effect this means that if you map views to use external templates through the new ControlsConfig tool, when the next version comes out the templates won't be overwritten (I mean you won't have to worry about overwritting them accidentaly) and since they are mapped, the views will use external templates. This is how both, admin and public templates, work.

    Thanks for the kind words and I hope youo will enjoy Sitefinity 3.6.
  4. Ivan Feb 13, 2009
    Hi Thomas,

    I am glad that Sitefinity 3.6 will help you with the new project. Wish you success with it.
  5. Larry Feb 13, 2009
    I was easily able to move 3.5 SP1 sites over to 3.6, so congrats on the smooth transition.  I am, however, curious about the availability of documentation/resources alluded to in previous blog posts, such as:

    1) The documentation on the new module creation/extensibilty. The barebones module blog post is just that - barbones.

    2) "In Sitefinity 3.6 we will ship reference files of all views and their types for your convenience so you can easily copy and paste viewSettings declaration for the files you wish to change." (Refers to mapping views to external templates.)

    3) "...for the transition period between 3.6 and 4.0 we will provide all templates in a separate zip file." (Refers to mapping views to external templates.)

    Without these resources and documentation, my development efforts on 3.6 will be hindered.
  6. Kevin Feb 13, 2009
    This is wicked excellent Ivan. :) By the way, where are the code examples from yesterday's webinar?
  7. sam Feb 13, 2009
    Has the documentation been updated for 3.6? Or is there separate docs somewhere?
  8. Chanan Zass Feb 16, 2009
    Hi Ivan,

    I've enjoyed your Webinar and applied the upgrade.
    All is well and fine. But we've encountered a problem with the new embedded templates.
    Our administration is localized for English and Italian speaking editors. We've translated practically all text we could and had all resource files and FAQ text files translated.
    Now, it appears the embedded templates ignore localized resource files!
    I know version 4.0 is supposed to be open for localization, but what do we do until then?
    Short of rewriting all templates, is there any other solution?

  9. Aleks Feb 16, 2009
    Hi Ivan,
    I have faced a little issue with the sitefinity 3.6 . In this version you wrote that it will contain silverlight controls. I've been working since the beta release, and still I haven't seen any silverlight control included inside. The only way to upload a silverlight control is to include it in ascx control and then upload this control to the project. Am I missing something or this is the way it have to work ?

  10. SAM Feb 16, 2009

    funny how no one answers these blog questions...
    The team must be getting smaller due to the recession.

    Does anyone know if the documentation has been updated??

  11. Gabe Sumner Feb 16, 2009
    Hey Sam,

    The documentation has not yet been 100% updated.  A few new Sitefinity KB articles have been published.  In addition, examples have been published to this blog, to my Sitefinity Watch blog and the forum threads.

    Providing documentation & examples will be the focus in the next couple of weeks.  We're getting information out the door as fast as we write, test & publish it.  As it is published, I'll provide updates on Sitefinity Watch Twitter.

    The team isn't any smaller, just very busy and, I'm sure, exhausted from the recent launch.  It you have specific questions, please use the Sitefinity forums or submit a ticket.   
  12. Second Kevin Feb 17, 2009
  13. Sahil Jan 11, 2012
    I am new for sitefinity 3.6.
    I have worked in sitefinity 4.0. Tell me how to make navigations in sitefinity 3.6 as we make navigation in sitefinity 4.0 in "ToolboxesConfig.config" file.

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