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Sitefinity 3.6 new backend architecture - documentation outline

by User Not Found

I have promised to keep delivering the documentation as it is ready here on the blog, so the most obvious way to start is with an outline. The new topic in our developer manual will cover following subjects. If you think we are lacking something, don't hesitate to leave a comment.


I have got burned last time by publishing the roadmap before everything was done, but... let's just say I didn't learn anything from it. On the more serious note, I prefer to keep you up to date as much as possible and in the loop, even if it means an avalanche of the "hurry up" comments and emails. So, we'll be publishing the topics from the outline below as soon as we can here on the blog. The developer manual updates will happen a bit less frequently, but we'll make sure we update the actual manual as well.


Sitefinity 3.6 - new backend architecture



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  1. Priti Mar 03, 2009
    Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for the detailed documentation.
    When are you planning to release Sample Generic Content based module: Products module? It will be really helpful.

    We are planning to start new Sitefinity project very soon and I really want to use version 3.6 for it. I am planning to make use of Generic content based modules as much as possible instead of creating the Plugable modules. Your sample will really help me. Please release it ASAP.

  2. Ivan Mar 03, 2009
    Hi Priti,

    yes that sample seems to be in demand... I'll make sure we have it up this week or at latest next week.
  3. Priti Mar 04, 2009
    Thanks Ivan!

    I am really looking forward to it.
  4. sam Mar 08, 2009
    Has the sample been done? If so, is there a link?
  5. Ivan Mar 11, 2009
    Hi guys,

    the sample has just been published:
  6. Frus Mar 13, 2009
    Guys, there's no freaking way, I'm going to adopt this architecture until all of your documentation is ready. Also, this is very high-level architectural stuff. Most of us don't have the time to read through all of this. You need to update you tutorials to make them more task based. (How do I...)

    Lack of documentation has always been an issue with you guys!
  7. Andy Apr 30, 2009
    Samples are great to work from in place of explicitly detailed documentation. So more of those please!

    How about something showing how the the workflow is architected in 3.6, and how to extend it?

    The video tutorials are way out of date now. I generally point 'users/admins' towards these videos as a first step. So updates to those where necessary would be great.
  8. Colin Bowern May 02, 2009
    So when does this roll into a proper documentation section?  Any thoughts on just moving it to a wiki to build upon?  Digging through blog posts is pretty painful - especially when the architecture has changed this significantly.
  9. Jun May 06, 2009
    can we install this sitefinity 3.6 to shared server?
    I mean install it at few domains, not localhost. Please advise
  10. Arthur May 22, 2009
    It's been three months since this was posted here--when does it become part of the main documentation? I've been working with the 3.6 build for several weeks now and only just now discovered this--very frustrating to realize that I've been using outdated docs!!!

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