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April fools disclaimer

by Ivan Osmak
Just as I have posted the article on Views hierarchy, it appeared to me which date it is today. So, just to be sure - Sitefinity really does support Views hierarchy and you can do all that stuff with it. Seriously.


And, besides, this year it is support’s team turn with the pranks, so you are safe with the blogs, but read your tickets twice! Carefully!


Ah, and one more tip: whatever the support guys tell you, there is no such class as Telerik.Do.All.Magic.Manager.


Stay alert! :)

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  1. Romi Apr 01, 2009
    But many other classes like :
    Telerik.Support.Team.IsMagic or
    Telerik.Sf.Team.Always.Save.You. Many thanks for suport us.

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