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Sitefinity 3.6 Service Pack 2 released!

by User Not Found
I am glad to inform you that we have just released service pack 2 for Sitefinity 3.6.


You can find the official announcement on our forums in this post:


As you will see an important security vulnerability has been patched and we'd highly recommend to everyone to upgrade to this service pack. We will not be commenting on the details of the vulnerability to avoid exposing clients that do not upgrade to unnecessary risk. We have discovered the problem during our standard Q&A process and no one has yet reported it.


Along with that fix, several other problems reported through our support system have been fixed.


You can download the service pack from your accounts.

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  1. Barry Stutler Jul 26, 2009
    After downloading v3.6 SP2 and following the instructions for upgrading an existing site (in this case from v3.5x), I have discovered that the appearance of Site Menu controls is broken (changes to bgcolor and font for example). Apparently something has changed in the "Default" skin CSS that gets picked up via webresource.axd and I am unsure how to fix it. I am very confused about where style settings come from in the absence of a pre-selected skin or theme. In other words, if I select [Template Theme] and "Default" skin, then I would expect the CSS values I specify in my stylesheet should not be overridden by anything in the axd file, but it appears via Firebug that they are (from the axd resource). Any authoritative documentation on how this works would be greatly appreciated, since I realize this is not necessarily the best place for such details...Thanks!

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