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  • Sitefinity intra-site modules with Visual Basic .NET: The even more unbearable Lightness of Development

    As promised I am posting a sample of Sitefinity intra-site module in Visual Basic .NET. You can download the sample from here, and for the explanations and installation instructions please refer to the C# version post, because the instructions are identical. I’ll be publishing the video soon, but ...
  • Project #1 - Image gallery User Control (Part 1)

    Note : The images in this project are taken from and are ownership of their respective authors. I’ve used animals because the constraints for using actual people are a bit more complex. For the first project I’ve chose something simple yet very useful: an Image gallery User Control. The ...
  • Project #1 - Image gallery User Control (Part 2)

    NOTE : This post is a part of a series. Read first part if you’ve missed it. [VB.NET example] So, after we have uploaded the images, now it’s time to create a user control that will display them. In case you are unfamiliar with using User Controls in Sitefinity consult ...
  • Welcome to the “Projects” category

    Learning by an example is probably the oldest method of teaching and since it’s been around for such a long time, it’s surely one of the better methods. In this category we’ll every so often take apart particular project into pieces and describe how it is built in series of ...