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  • Making expandable NewsView control with jQuery

    Recently, we’ve seen a lot of people asking how to implement a NewsView control that would behave as a ExpandableList. After a short deliberation, jQuery came as a most natural solution. In this post I will explain how to modify current List & Page mode of the News View control ...
  • Sitefinity meets Web 2.0 (part 1) : Digg-clone application

      Sitefinity 3.0 is much more than just a CMS. It’s flexible, modular and open architecture let’s you build on top of Sitefinity virtually any kind of web application. In the first post of this series, I’ll discuss how could one approach building a Digg-clone web application. It’s actually much ...
  • Sitefinity meets Web 2.0

    To break the monotony I’ve decided to make a short break from pluggable module series (though that series we’ll continue parallel with this new one) and give you the list of ten Web 2.0 applications you can build with Sitefinity! Some of you may scratch your head now and wonder ...
  • Welcome to the “Pushing the envelope” category

    Ever wanted to do something really weird with Sitefinity? In this category we’ll post about not-so-common scenarios and solutions. How about building a module for importing content from an old site? Or hooking up Sitefinity with a web service… Obviously, I can’t come up with that many strange scenarios in ...