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  • ArchiveControl workaround - per popular demand

    We’ve had archive control as a Sitefinity built in control for a brief time, however there were some performance issues with it, so we took it out - until we get time to rebuild it. We’ve got quite a few complaints about removing that control and most of the people ...
  • Tip #1 : Finding child pages based upon a parent page

    The scenario Well, except from the fact that one of the pillars of good parenthood is the ability to tell your own children from all the other kids, there are actually other (more practical and less formal) reasons why you may need to get the reference to all the ...
  • Welcome to the “Tip of the week category”

    We’d like to welcome you the “Tip of the week category” at Sitefinity Developer Blog. It’s hard to explain what are we going to write in this category without sounding trivial, nonetheless here is my try Once a week (I bet you’d never guess that!), we’ll write a short, very ...