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  • SiteMenu Builder

    This post will show you how to create custom navigation menu for your website, where you can specify which pages you want to see and which not. There are many cases where you want to have two level navigation or several navigational  menus. Each time you will have to do ...
  • Save Images from the Images and Documents module back to the file system

    When you upload images from your file system to Sitefinity using Images and Documents module all items go to the database as binary object. In some cases you may need to get this Images back to your file system - upload them in another project, back up on the server, ...
  • Implementing scheduled services in Sitefinity 3.x

    In this post I will show you how to create scheduled services that could be executed on a certain period of time - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. The post will expose web service that runs a Sitefinity search index. The implementation requires   1.Creating a web service in Sitefinity...
  • Insert/Update/Delete content items with RadScheduler for ASP.NET AJAX

    In this blog post I am showing how to create a custom RadScheduler control that can be used to insert/update and delete content items. Generally the implementation is related to Events provider and IEvent objects. All data for the items managed through this control is persisted by the default Events ...
  • Filter CategoriesTree control by Blog.

    The main reason of this post is a discussion that I had in Sitefinity's forum post. So, the problem here is that you have BlogPosts control that supports filtering, but the same does not apply for CategoriesTree control. Using BlogPosts FilterExpression property you can  show only a specific blog ...
  • Let's hide Upload Controls section from Sitefinity 3.6 toolbox

      I few days ago I created a post about how we can hide controls from Sitefinity toolbox section. Now I am going to show you how to hide upload controls section of the toolbox - check out figure 1. The idea here is that even you deny the ...
  • HACK: How to hide controls from toolbox section in Sitefinity 3.6

      I know that many of you have asked us about this. How we can hide some controls, so that a certain users will not be able to use them. Ok, me and one of our developers decided to provide this solution for you.   Firs we create a class ...