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Sitefinity after the 4.0 release

by User Not Found

We made it - Sitefinity 4 was officially released on January 14th. This release is the culmination of 2 years of hard work by the biggest product team at Telerik. During that time we tackled a lot of challenges, learned a lot of lessons, reached many milestones and enjoyed great results, which made our team stronger and more productive. We gathered a lot of velocity and will keep that momentum going. Now the release is out the door so it is time for us to look ahead and start planning our next moves.

So what’s next?

Frequent releases

Going forward, Sitefinity will follow the Telerik release cycle with 3 releases per year – Q1, Q2 and Q3. Sitefinity 4 has introduced a lot of improvements on upgrades and backwards compatibility which significantly facilitate the upgrade process. The frequent releases will allow us to deliver new functionality and enhancements shortly after we implement them in Sitefinity. This will eliminate the need to stockpile a lot of features for a “major” release. The next release of Sitefinity (Q1, 2011) will come out in the week of April 4.

The new release cycle will also come with a change in the naming of the Sitefinity versions. To make the Sitefinity version naming more intuitive and closely related to the particular release, the version name will consist of the release name and the year it came out. For example the next version of Sitefinity will be called Q1, 2011 instead of Sitefinity 4.1.

Transparent planning for each release

When it comes to planning the development of Sitefinity, we want to provide accurate timing for each release(noted above) as well as a list of the new features, enhancements, improvements and changes each release will deliver. We have created a public roadmap which we will frequently update. Now we have published the roadmap for the Q1 release and Q2 will be added in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


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  1. Peter Graasbøl Jan 24, 2011
    I hope it is a joke! 
    I still consider this release as a Beta. First update can not wait until April!
    There are so many areas that do not work or are missing!
    Sincerely, Peter
  2. Martin Jan 24, 2011
    Hi Peter,

    There will be a service pack with a lot of fixes in the second half of February. I can assure you that we are well aware that there are some missing pieces with the current version as well as some polishing that needs to be done. We are devoting a considerable part of our efforts to fixing and polishing, but this is not listed on the roadmap as it's not a new feature or enhancement.
  3. Steve Jan 24, 2011
    Hey Martin,
      I'm confused by paid load balancing in costs an additional $2000?  Or is that a typo...

    Also, the line on the source code isn't clear.  We have it now, so we'll always have the latest version, or we only have access to THIS release and future code will not be available.

  4. Kevin Jan 24, 2011

    Given the service pack expected for February, is the current release stable enough to begin development on a project I'm expecting to launch in April?

  5. Martin Jan 24, 2011
    Hi Steve,

    The decision to make load balancing a paid add-on the Standard Edition was based on the feedback of many potential and existing customers. For many of them the load balancing is the only missing piece in the Standard Edition and it alone does not justify the price jump between Standard and Professional edition. This option provides a solution for such cases. The load balancing add-on includes unlimited number of servers.

    With regard to the source code availability - you and all customers who have an enterprise license will continue to receive the latest version of the source code with everly release as long as you maintain an active subscription.

  6. Steve Jan 24, 2011
      It's currently stable now if you want to just start development.  I'm building on it at the moment, and I just feel like I'm missing minor nit-picky things...certainly nothing to stop you from developing a theme or controls.
  7. Martin Jan 24, 2011
    Hi Kevin,

    There are a quite a few Sitefinity 4 websites which are already live(some of them even before the official release). Here are links to some of them:

    There are many more in production. Hopefully this serves as an assurance that Sitefinity 4 is stable and suitable for development of new projects. Along with the outlined roadmap we have bi-weekly internal builds which are intended for development purposes only. 


  8. Steve Jan 25, 2011
      I can certainly understand the extra cost to enable the load balancing...but it costs twice the price?  I realize it's a second instance on another server, but come least go 1/2 the price of the initial purchase.
  9. Rehan Jan 25, 2011
    Hi there, hope you are well

    As a partner, with these changes to the options on different sitefinity licences, such as newsletter, source code, load balancing, we have got very confused on pricing and options and versions... can we be updated with a new pricing matrix for versions and functionality and costs?

    Also in the roadmap, it mentions Content Sharing for April!... we noticed it wasn't available in RC2, however the share content and branch content are not new features, we use them in 3.7, is this key function really delayed until April as it is vital to how our clients create content in a CMS.
    Many thanks
  10. Martin Jan 28, 2011
    @ Steve
    The reason to add load balancing as an option to the Standard Edition is to provide an option for customers who are fine with this edition, except that they need to deploy the website on more than one server(usually as back up, not so much for performance). This forced them to go with the Professional Edition just for that reason. Now, instead of paying $8000 for the Professional Edition, they can go with this add-on and pay half the price. Many CMS vendors charge per server, while we have no server limitation with load balancing.

    We'll get in touch with you to discuss the licensing options and answer any questions you may have.


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