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Special courtesy to Sitefinity 4 early adopters

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I’d like to use this opportunity to express the gratitude of the Sitefinity team at Telerik to all of you who dove deep into Sitefinity 4 with the initial release. This was not just the next version of Sitefinity which introduces some new things and improvements, this was the beginning of a completely different system where we put all our past experience and our passion and did a lot of things we wanted to go back and do differently, do better so we can ensure a future growth that benefits all our clients. As with any new beginning, there are more challenges at first and we’d like to thank you for being very active in helping us identify these challenges and prioritizing the order in which to address them.

As a thank you, we are extending a special courtesy to all Sitefinity 4 early adopters. We have extended the subscriptions of all new licenses and upgrades purchased between the Sitefinity Release Candidate (November 18) and the Sitefinity 4.1 release (April 19) to start from July 31, 2011. This has already been activated for all eligible licenses and we are informing the license holders personally via email.

The most difficult part is behind us and things have and will continue to improve quickly. We do appreciate your eagerness and initiative to adopt this new version of Sitefinity and all your feedback which helps us improve constantly. Thank you.

Martin Kirov

The Sitefinity Team

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  1. Rick Curtis May 24, 2011
    Martin, I am sure that a number of people are very pleased to hear your announcement. I think Telerik is being a good steward of its customers by extending the license as people make the transition over to Sitefinity 4.

    There are some of us (myself included) who chose to wait til late fall when Sitefinity 4 was still in Beta and purchased Sitefinity 3.7 in order to qualify for a free upgrade to 4.0. For myself and others it didn't make sense to invest in doing site building in 3.7 when 4.0 was just around the corner. I actually purchased two licenses for Standard and I feel like those of us who were eligible for a free upgrade should also be included in the group with extended licenses.

    Rick Curtis

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