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  • Sitefinity on AWS with CloudFormation

    With the ever growing adoption of cloud hosted web services, a very popular choice is the Amazon Web Services provider (AWS). Since CloudFormation is the recommended and probably easiest service you could use to automate the provisioning and configuration of your web service in AWS, we present you a basic ...
  • How to speed up the build of your solution in Visual Studio

    The time it takes to build your solution in Visual Studio could greatly hinder your performance. Especially if you got to some trial and error desperate measures which let's face it - everyone has to do from time to time. Let's start with our experience. Few years back in SItefinity ...
  • Slower website startup times when uploading to live

    This article could help you investigate slower startup times when deploying your application to your live environments. Let's start with some basics of how an ASP.NET website is hosted in the w3wp.exe process created by the IIS for each application pool. Our experience shows that in most of the ...
  • Sitefinity Memory Usage

    We commonly get questions about the memory usage of various Sitefinity instances so I decided to share some information about the fundamental forces in play there. I will mostly talk about the memory usage on startup as it is the initial impression and causes a lot of confusion although the ...
  • Unit Tests Using Unity Dependency Injection In Sitefinity CMS

    Unit testing and dependency injection are inseparable concepts. Therefore it is quite possible that you are using or planning to use some dependency injection mechanism for the code you write with Sitefinity. Hence I decided to write about the option to use what is built in Sitefinity. In the content ...
  • Sitefinity Authentication Expiration

    A common misconception when filling a login form is that if you check the "Remember me on this computer" check box you will be remembered on this computer forever. The actual behavior that this checkbox controls is whether the authentication cookie that is issued as a proof of your successful authentication ...