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  • Get template layout controls by css class. Get and Set layout control html markup

    In Sitefinity you can programmatically create a page and populate it with controls. In some cases you might need to get a specific layout control in your page template using the set css class attribute. You might need to change the template layout control markup, as well. We get ...
  • Multiple Media selector for Sitefinity Widget designers

    In this blog post I will show how you can implement a multiple media selector, using which, you will be able to select multiple images, documents and files or videos at once. The content selectors in Sitefinity use the services provided, passing different parameters and filtering using them. Most of ...
  • Showing the Selected Taxa in Sitefinity Module Items' Backend Grid

    In this blog post I will show you how you can resolve the taxa selected in items, in their backend grid. We usually use at least one taxonomy to organize content and selected multiples items, for instance several tags. However, if we would like to show the taxa we have ...
  • Resolve any item Related Data with a single widget

    In Sitefinity everyone is using RelatedData and usually we want to display the related data items on the front-end. In this blog post I will describe how you can create a single control that will resolve an item related data fields and show the data items. The item is resolved ...
  • Modify Ecommerce Discounts - add or remove using specific criteria

    Sitefinity provides option to create discounts and apply them based on coupon code, new customers or for specific roles and users. However, sometimes different discounts should be applied based on whether the user is a new customer or have applied several different discount coupons. The applicable discount and those that ...
  • Extending Sitefinity SiteMap and navigation. Simple MVC navigation

    The navigation is one of the most important parts of a site, which aims at providing topnotch user experience. It is important what pages will be shown to the user and to which he can navigate to. That is why, in this blog post will be described how the Sitefinity ...
  • Extend Sitefinity security. Add a custom claim

    You can easily extend Sitefinity logic by adding custom claims and validating them using your custom logic. This will help you make sure that certain conditions are met when a request comes in and becomes authorized either by the user providing credentials or using an alternative way to sign on ...
  • Adding custom dialogs to Sitefinity ContentBlock. Any content link selector for ContentBlock

    As most of the built-in back-end widgets in Sitefinity, the ContentBlock could be customized and extended to meet all editors and content creators needs. Customizations of the toolbox - inserting or removing default tool sets could be made through the back-end administration, however, in order to add an additional dialog ...
  • Infinite scroll widget for Sitefinity supporting sorting and searching

    Sitefinity offers default widgets for all modules which support setting a specific datasource and configuring standard paging. However, more and more web applications present their data using the so called infinite scroll paging – where we use load on demand when the user scrolls to the near end of the ...
  • Taxonomy Field Control for Sitefinity Front-End

    Currently in Sitefinity we are using the built-in HierarchicalTaxonField and FlatTaxonField controls to show taxonomies both in the back-end and in the front-end, by switching the DisplayMode of the field controls. However, in the practice this proved not the most efficient way to display the taxonomies related to an item. Furthermore, most ...
  • Library Selector for Sitefinity back-end

    In Sitefinity 7.0 we can select media content through the new Related Media field and choose the content we want to relate to the item. However, there are use-case scenarios in which we want to select all media items in a certain folder or album without going through each of ...