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  • MVC: The Preferred Way of Coding in Sitefinity

    The Progress Sitefinity teams recommends to all Sitefinity developers to use MVC whenever possible, especially for new projects. The MVC approach is superior in terms of performance and productivity for developers compared to WebForms.
  • Sitefinity VSIX: the Next Step for Sitefinity Thunder

    A new Visual Studio extension for Sitefinity has been published on the marketplace. It is open source and focused on the MVC development.
  • Support for .NET 4.7 Coming to Sitefinity 11

    Sitefinity 11 brings full support for .NET 4.7.1.
  • Sitefinity Admin UI Reimagined

    With Sitefinity 10.2 an early preview of the new Sitefinity UI is coming and you can test it for content editing.
  • Omni-channel Personalization for Your Mobile App and WebSite

    Sitefinity CMS and DEC already help you provide the best customer experience on the web, but customers expect the same in mobile apps. With the diverse portfolio of Progress products, tacking this multi-channel problem is easy. By utilizing NativeScript, Sitefinity developers can both serve existing content in the mobile app and personalize the mobile app experience based on DEC data.
  • Sites with Enterprise Stability and Open Source Flexibility

    Having a familiarity with the underlying development paradigms of a CMS is one of the key evaluation factors. In this respect, ASP.NET MVC should be on your radar because the framework is established as one of the best and there is a ton of information available about it. Also, using a strongly typed language as C# is easy and fun.
  • Removing Obscenities from Your Content

    With Sitefinity 10.1 you have the option to sanitize your content easily and remove any obscene words.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) with Sitefinity

    Sitefinity 10.1 comes with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support. The feature is in Beta, so further improvements will come with the next version of the product.
  • Sitefinity 10.2 Drops Support of the Default Backend Theme

    Sitefinity 10.2 Drops Support of the Default Backend Theme
  • Sitefinity MVC (Feather) Source Code Repo Update

    Long story short, the Feather projects hosted on GitHub will be no longer our primary source for a build. It will be a mirror repo of Feather’s implementation without having control over it.
  • Ask Question or give Feedback to Sitefinity with Hashtags

    To provide feedback after you test some features from a beta or official release, or if you want to share your experience use #TellProgress. When you want to know more about a new feature or ask questions during Sitefinity webinar ask your questions publicly with #AskProgress.
  • Sitefinity Connector for Telerik Backend Services is discontinued.

    We decided that it is best for our customers that we discontinue the Sitefinity Connector for Telerik Backend Services with the upcoming Sitefinity 10 release next month, and focus those resources on improving the product in other areas. Support for existing users of the connector on prior CMS versions will be provided until Dec 1, 2017.
  • All Sitefinity Features Revealed in a Site and a Mobile App

    Two years ago, the Sitefinity team released a sample application showcasing the major features of the CMS and how to use them. As time passed and technologies and methodologies changes, our application fell behind.   The truth is that we need to cover the entire experience starting from a modern ...