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  • Leverage Cognitive AI Services with Sitefinity

    Cognitive capabilities enable a wealth of options for Web Content Manager (WCM) users, and can be applied in many directions beyond analyzing large amounts of data. With the help of democratized AI services we can now boost the work of authors and marketers so they can more easily publish best in class content.
  • Headless CMS, Decoupled CMS and Content as a Service - it’s all about calling APIs

    In recent days I’ve spent some time reading more about “headless” and how this will conquer the world and if I don’t use it my business will fail :D. With this post I want to share what the real risks and solutions are. I will iterate through the different concepts that are currently receiving a lot of hype. Many of those terms are blended and some people are using them interchangeably, which is why I will explain each of them separately.