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  • How to Add the Visual Studio MVC Features for a Sitefinity Project

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: You are now an MVC project Visual Studio: I am now an MVC project Introduction You have been developing on ASP.NET for quite some time and you are used to the native features offered by Visual Studio, like for instance when you are adding a Controller, adding a ...
  • What Happens When the Sitefinity User Limit Is Reached

    The question with no answer  Today I am going to take a look inside a functionality, which is not used every day and even the people who have seen it before tend to forget it and… that also includes me. In the next few paragraphs, this post will quickly ...
  • Sitefinity Workflow: Defining the Scope of the Workflow by Page Groups

    “Divide et impera” or Divide and Conquer In a series of blog posts, we have examined how the workflow can be used to achieve various customizations. The posts reviewed how we can create advanced customizations to help meet any business case with ease by using code and guard activities. This ...
  • Creating Self-installing Widgets and Modules in Sitefinity

      As developers, we want to simplify our life with elegant solutions that save time and solve problems. We identify steps that can be described with a process and we try to automate those. The Motivation The installation of Sitefinity widgets and modules is a task that can be encapsulated ...
  • Sitefinity Workflow: Advanced Notifications for Content Approval

    Sitefinity’s content change notifications are a convenient way to keep designated people informed about  content changes to your website. By applying workflow to selected content items with just one check-box, you can notify authorizers of content pending approval: Notification Messages Notifications are easy to activate and manage in Sitefinity. There is ...
  • Using and Customizing Sitefinity Workflow with Guard Activities

    The Sitefinity workflows are built on Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (WWF). By utilizing our implementation on WWF, you can leverage that technology and completely customize the logic executed within the process flow in the system to meet the needs of virtually any business scenario. The workflow does so much more ...
  • On Focus: Module Builder or How to Manage Ad Banners in Sitefinity

    There is no doubt that using different marketing tools has become a must-have for every website these days. Creating sliding content, for instance, is one proven way to attract users’ attention and win more of their time. And time is money, so ideally you would convert that time into revenues ...
  • Down-Under: A New Perspective on Building Widgets with Sitefinity

    Sitefinity comes with tons of slick widgets that users love so much about the system. Business users can use them right away and developers don’t need to write code unless they want to introduce some fancy customization. Sitefinity has always been about that – to provide all the user groups with ...
  • Enhancing Widget Templates with Client Side Libraries

    Users have become more and more demanding in terms of user interface characteristics. To address that ever-increasing hunger for more fluid user experience akin to a desktop applications, browsers have evolved to adopt more and more powerful JavaScript libraries and HTML5 based elements. Sitefinity has many tools in its arsenal ...
  • PerForm Better: How to Process the Sitefinity Forms Responses

    Following up on one of the Rado’s posts about implementing notifications for incoming Forms responses, I wanted to cover how to further customize the Forms widget to actually process the individual responses. Some people would have many specific project requirements. Those include many scenarios and integrations with external systems. In ...
  • Sitefinity and the ASP.NET Code-Behind Model

    There are many ways to programmatically modify the pages which Sitefinity dynamically generates. One way is to develop .ascx user controls and plug them into the pages as Layout controls, Page controls or Form controls. The process is pretty straight forward and there are many resources devoted to this very ...
  • Change Your Sitefinity Media URLs. Three ways of doing it

    Media content has become increasingly important and preferred element for almost every content manager who aims for attracting large audience to their website. Therefore, content managers try to create unique media materials (video, audio, images) that will give them the vital competitive advantage in the dynamic business environment they operate ...