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Better All Around: What Our Community Likes the Most About Sitefinity

by Petya Popova-Chilikova

The recent enhancements of Sitefinity made us wonder which was the most useful product feature improvement for you? Thanks everyone who took part in the #likethemost conversation on Twitter. We appreciate your feedback, plus it provides our product team some insight for upcoming releases.

The Dynamic Module Builder was the run-away winner. Here are some tweets representing each of the top five features you #likethemost:

1. Dynamic Module Builder.

Dynamic Module Builder


2. Simplicity of the interface.

Simplicity of the User Interface


3. Ability to edit custom field definitions in the UI.

Custom field definitions

4. Shared content on Page Templates.

Shared content on Page Templates


5. Sitefinity Tools: Sitefinity Lightning enhancements and Sitefinity Thunder templates.

Shared content on Page Templates


Sitefinity Lightning is our desktop publishing interface - a real time saver if you haven’t checked it out - and Sitefinity Thunder is our Visual Studio plugin.

We continue our commitment to making Sitefinity better all around! Stay tuned for the great new enhancements of Sitefinity 5.4 coming out next week!

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  1. Teodor Georgiev Feb 08, 2013

    The module builder - it saves a lot of time.

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