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Tweet Us at #esitefinity and Win: What Do You Expect from an Integrated CMS + Ecommerce Solution?

by Petya Popova-Chilikova

In a world of rapid internet and technological advancement, online shopping is steadily growing and therefore, requires new approaches to generate online sales. Product advantages alone are not enough to drive revenue and make an online merchant stand out among the competition. Ecommerce is much more than a shopping cart. Companies are now challenged with building an effective web presence to grow their customer base, increase online conversions, and retain clients over time. CMS and Ecommerce integration is a critical factor in both building a successful enterprise, and in sustaining those sales over time.

Register for the Sitefinity Ecommerce Webinar

On March 14th the Sitefinity team will be holding a webinar called “Making Your CMS the Ultimate Ecommerce Solution.” We will review Sitefinity’s broad mix of features that help businesses drive positive results.

Tweet us at #esitefinity

Tweet us at #esitefinity and tell us: What do you expect from an integrated CMS + Ecommerce solution? We will try to address the questions that are of most interest to you. Also, join the conversations during the #esitefinity Tweet Jam on March 14th, at 11 am (during the webinar).


All tweets with the #esitefinity hashtag will be entered in a raffle for a Sitefinity-branded sports bag, so don’t miss out!

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts, comments and suggestions.

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  1. Kaushal Mar 13, 2013
    Sitefinity CMS is a very usefull CMS.

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