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  • Digital Transformation: 3 Steps to Overcoming the Chaos (for Web Marketers)

    The scope of digital marketing has been evolving rapidly, and for anyone who is in a full-time digital marketing position, the constant introduction of new technologies, tools and best practices could easily feel overwhelming. The need for digital transformation is growing but if you don’t know where to start, it ...
  • Tweet Us at #esitefinity and Win: What Do You Expect from an Integrated CMS + Ecommerce Solution?

    In a world of rapid internet and technological advancement, online shopping is steadily growing and therefore, requires new approaches to generate online sales. Product advantages alone are not enough to drive revenue and make an online merchant stand out among the competition. Ecommerce is much more than a shopping cart. ...
  • Better All Around: What Our Community Likes the Most About Sitefinity

    The recent enhancements of Sitefinity made us wonder which was the most useful product feature improvement for you? Thanks everyone who took part in the #likethemost conversation on Twitter. We appreciate your feedback, plus it provides our product team some insight for upcoming releases. The Dynamic Module Builder was the ...
  • Better All Around: Which Is Your Favorite Sitefinity Enhancement?

    The next Sitefinity release is just around the corner. While Sitefinity always strives to add the features businesses need, the last several releases have primarily focused on making Sitefinity better for our current customers. The development team reviews popular requests and then enhances a mix of functionality and features to ...
  • Sitefinity's Participation at Internet World: a Marketing Perspective

    It’s been great three days for the Sitefinity team at Internet World 2012 - Europe’s premier event for digital marketing and business. After a hectic preparation for the conference, we were very happy to see a great visitor interest in the Sitefinity booth and demos, and a very high attendance ...
  • Improve your website’s SEO ranking with Social Media

    The main task of search engines is to organize and display content in the most relevant manner, and Social Media is all about creating and sharing content. This is why the social media presence of a brand website is an important factor for its SEO performance. Google incorporated Twitter and ...
  • How to Increase Your ROI from Social Media Campaigns: A 5-step Strategy

    With the growth of Social Media, organizations are rapidly increasing their marketing resources in this channel. According to the 2011 CMO Survey social media investments are expected to reach 10,1% of the total marketing budgets in 2012. Therefore, marketers need to come up with effective strategies to monetize their investments, ...