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  • Convert Your Sitefinity Website to Use NuGet Packages

    Learn how to convert your Sitefinity website to use NuGet packages.
  • NuGet Packages: The Recommended Way to Upgrade Sitefinity CMS Websites

    NuGet packages are the tool that enables developers to create, share and consume code in a straightforward and easy manner. Sitefinity CMS has its own NuGet packages containing reusable code that you can use in your projects.
  • Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud and GDPR

    Sitefinity DEC delivered adequate workflows that provide access to the data collected and reported to it, so the owners of that data can both get it as well as remove that data altogether. The GDPR-related tools in Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud make your road to GDPR compliance easier.
  • 7 Security Response Headers Your WCMS Should Use

    The growing demand for protection can be seen in many regulations, standards and best practices. Security is a cornerstone of each software project and that is why each WCM system should secure its content by embracing the latest trends that are supported by protocols and browsers.
  • Sitefinity Web Security Module

    Progress Sitefinity 11.0 is coming with a new Web Security Module that supports the configuration of HTTP response headers through the Administration section from your website admin panel.
  • 3 Quick Techniques to Improve your Marketing Results

    Use Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to easily boost the personalization, marketing and tracking features of your Sitefinity website in no time.
  • Sitefinity in a Container in 9 Easy Steps

    If you are a professional working with Microsoft related technologies you probably have heard the new big thing in Windows Server 2016 – Windows Containers. It seems like the world of software application development is inevitably moving in that direction. Even though the technology is relatively new in the Microsoft world it is worth ...
  • Building Sitefinity Continuous Deployment on AWS with GitHub, Jenkins and AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    For this demo, we are using the GitHub repository (this is where our Sitefinity sample application is stored), one dedicated Jenkins server (which is responsible for pulling our latest source code changes from GitHub), building our solution and preparing a package (which is deployed to AWS using Jenkins AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment plugin).
  • Keeping your website up to date - Sitefinity Upgrades

    The benefits of keeping Sitefinity up to date. Tips and tricks to keep in mind when upgrading your website.
  • 360° Customer Profiles with Sitefinity and Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

    Planning your customer profiling is a very important step in your digital marketing as it is the foundation for successful optimizations in the next phases. Let’s have a look how 360-degree contact profiling can be implemented with the Sitefinity platform and go through different sources of information.
  • Sitefinity is a Headless CMS

    Due to the fact that Sitefinity provides robust APIs and OData RESTful endpoints out-of-the-box (feel free to check out some queries), and you can easily deliver content to any device, the conclusion is obvious - Sitefinity is a Headless CMS.
  • Engage and convert your most valuable visitors from the first click by personalizing landing pages

    Long gone are the days when prospects interested in your product contacted your sales department to inquire about how your product can do the job for them. Buyers just go online to your website and, lo and behold, bump into a generic one-size-fits-all pompous message. Here’s the challenge – visitors are new and you don’t know anything about them (yet), but you want to target a special segment of business prospects with a unique set of messages, and you want them to ultimately complete the call-to-action that turns them from a visitor to a lead.
  • Security Alert for Progress Sitefinity and Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX

    We have identified a security vulnerability affecting Sitefinity and UI for ASP.NET AJAX, and we have addressed the issue. For details, please review the respective KB articles.