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  • 3 Quick Techniques to Improve your Marketing Results

    Use Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to easily boost the personalization, marketing and tracking features of your Sitefinity website in no time.
  • 360° Customer Profiles with Sitefinity and Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

    Planning your customer profiling is a very important step in your digital marketing as it is the foundation for successful optimizations in the next phases. Let’s have a look how 360-degree contact profiling can be implemented with the Sitefinity platform and go through different sources of information.
  • Engage and convert your most valuable visitors from the first click by personalizing landing pages

    Long gone are the days when prospects interested in your product contacted your sales department to inquire about how your product can do the job for them. Buyers just go online to your website and, lo and behold, bump into a generic one-size-fits-all pompous message. Here’s the challenge – visitors are new and you don’t know anything about them (yet), but you want to target a special segment of business prospects with a unique set of messages, and you want them to ultimately complete the call-to-action that turns them from a visitor to a lead.