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  • How to customize Sitefinity Workflow notifications

    Update This blog post relates to Sitefinity 4.x versions. With Sitefinity 5.x and older versions you can use the Notifications service to send the notifications. Please use this article if you are on Sitefinity 5.x or later: How to customize Sitefinity Workflow notifications. The following blog post will cover ...
  • How to implement notifications for incoming Forms responses

    The following blog post will examine how to implement notifications for Forms responses. We are going to implement this feature to be available out of the box, and you can use this quick and easy approach to have the notifications until we release them as part of the system. The ...
  • CAPTCHA for Sitefinity Forms

    Recently there have been a number of requests for adding a CAPTCHA to the Sitefinity Forms widgets. Since the standard CAPTCHA controls that work with postback are not suitable for the Forms control, I am going to walk you through the process of implementing a client-side CAPTCHA control which can ...
  • Creating custom sidebar widgets

    This blog post, as many others, is inspired by a client support request. I've decided to put post it, so others can use the code to create their own sidebar widgets for their custom modules. In this post I am going to sample how you can extend a built in ...
  • Moving configurations to database

    With the release of Sitefinity 4.0 we have moved from storing Sitefinity related configurations in web.config to providing our on configuration persistence in the Sitefinity config files.This is the default setting for storing configurations and all of your settings are stored in the ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration/. When we released our support for ...
  • Formatting Sitefinity 4.x content summary

    Back in Sitefinity 3.x control designers for content view controls allowed you to set Summary Settings for your list view, which allowed you to cut of the first N words from the content item's content or other meta field. This is described on Sitefinity Watch here: Formatting your Sitefinity Blog ...
  • Social Bookmarks control for Sitefinity pages

    In this week's Tip of the Week blog post we will sample a custom control which adds social bookmarks to any page within Sitefinity. In order to achieve this we will create a custom control and reuse some of the already available social bookmarks mark-up. First let's start by creating the ...
  • Send items from Images and Documents module as e-mail attachments

    In this blog post we will sample a custom control which allows users to select files uploaded to images and documents module and send them as e-mail attachments. We will create a custom control and make it look similar to the built in Download List control. However this control will ...
  • Roles Selector and hiding control based on user's roles

    In the following blog post I will sample the creation of a custom WebUITypeEditor which will select roles from the default roles provider and return them as a string array. Then I will use this selector in a control derived from Generic Content Control in order to make it "secured" ...
  • Download List control to group items for download by parent library

    This week's Tip of the Week blog post is going to sample a custom download list control. The difference between this control and the built-in one is that the custom one is going to display the downloadable items in separate tables, broken down by parent libraries to which they belong. Bellow you can see the resulting ...
  • Tabbed blog controls

    The bellow blog post will guide you how to create a control to display blog authors, blog archive and blog tags in a fashion similar to the one on the Sitefinity Blogs.   What we have to do is to create a custom control and a template for this ...
  • Extend RadEditor dialogs to add captions for images

    This post is inspired by a customer request to provide functionality for adding captions to images inserted through the RadEditor when creating/editing content items. In order to achieve this we will need to work with the external templates for Sitefinity controls. We have to map all templates for controls in ...
  • Group appointments by event categories in a custom Events Schedule View

    This week's Tip of the Week post samples a custom Events Schedule View that allows us to group event items in the RadScheduler by the categories events belong to. For the purposes of this we will need to create a custom control that inherits from the built in Events Schedule ...
  • Use the Content Manager API in a Web Service

    This post as my previous post is inspired by a client support request to extend Sitefinity functionality in a way. I also think that this is a good way to sample how the modules API can be used in web services. Following the logic of group operations functionality added in ...
  • Enable loading of CMS pages through an AJAX Web Service

    Hello Sitefinity Community. My name is Radoslav and I am part of the Sitefinity team here at Telerik. I think it is about time I too had a blog where I would share my tips on developing with Sitefinity. As a starter I would like to introduce you to the ...