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Mapping External Template in Sitefinity with the API

by Stanislav Velikov
The ability to map external templates to different Sitefinity widgets is performed in the backend UI from Administration->Settings->Advanced->Controls->View Map.

To perform the mapping of a template trough code refer to the sample below:
var configManager = ConfigManager.GetManager();
            var viewMap = configManager.GetSection<ControlsConfig>();
            ConfigProperty property;
            var viewMapValue = viewMap.Properties.TryGetValue("viewMap", out property);
            string[][] bag = new string[4][];
            bag[0] = new string[2] { "Value", "Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.NavigationControls.SiteMapNavigations.SiteMapNavigationTabStrip, Telerik.Sitefinity" };
            bag[1] = new string[2] { "Key", "HostType" };
            bag[2] = new string[2] { "Value", "~/CustomNavigationTemplate.ascx" };
            bag[3] = new string[2] { "Key", "LayoutTemplatePath" };
            var ConfigSectionItems = new ConfigSectionItems();
            ConfigSectionItems.SaveBatchConfigSection(bag, "ViewMap_0,controlsConfig_0", "", "", null, "New", "");
The highlighted part of the code contains the required values for mapping a template, those are the host control type and a path to the mapped template.

Layout Template: ~/CustomNavigationTemplate.ascx

Additional approaches in mapping external templates are described in this blog post.


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  1. Hardy Aug 14, 2013
    Thank you, Stanislav. What is the meaning of the argument "ViewMap_0,controlsConfig_0" in the last line? Do we have to use this literally every time we create a view map in code or do we have to increment the counter each time ("ViewMap_1,controlsConfig_1","ViewMap_2,controlsConfig_2" etc.)?
  2. Federico Aug 22, 2013
    Couldn't think a better way to do it

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