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Reordering Controls In Sitefinity Page Toolboxes

by Stanislav Velikov
This blog post provides a sample of reordering Sitefinity page toolbox controls through the configuration API.

Here is a sample web form that contains this sample code which reverses the order of the toolbox control in the preselected section. A video of how the reordering function works is available here.

The approach is to load all toolbox sections registered in the site, both built-in and custom control sections. This will retrieve an instance of ConfigManager using Config.GetManager()
and then retrieve ToolboxesConfig that contains toolboxes for PageControls, LayoutControls and FormsControls (for the Sitefinity forms module).

  var configManager = Config.GetManager();
            var toolboxConfig = configManager.GetSection<ToolboxesConfig>();
var retrieveSectionNames = toolboxConfig.Toolboxes["PageControls"]
                                                                      .Sections.ToList<ToolboxSection>().Select(s => s.Name);

The above code will return the names of all toolbox sections in the site.

Once a section is selected, get all controls from this section which are to be reordered:

var toolboxItems = toolboxConfig.Toolboxes["PageControls"]
                                                    .Where(g => g.Name =="NavigationControls")

Once the controls section is retrieved save the retrieved controls in a new variable "originalConfigs" and perform the reordering there (I am reversing the order). After this remove the whole tools collection from the original toolbox and add the reordered controls:

var originalConfigs = toolboxItems.Reverse<ToolboxItem>().ToList<ToolboxItem>();
           //remove all controls from the section
           while (toolboxItems.Count > 0)
           //add the ordered controls back to the section
           foreach (var item in originalConfigs)


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  1. Steve Jan 22, 2014
    Could also maybe append classes like "sort1, sort2" or something like that then leverage that in the loop to order the items.
  2. Stanislav Jan 23, 2014
    Yes in the reordering  a loop can be done by custom criteria based on the way needed for reordering for each widget, lets say alphabetical by the widget name.

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