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  • Restrict Usage of Widgets Based on Roles in Sitefinity

    Sitefinity enables you to hide any number of widgets from the toolbox on back-end pages from specific users, based on their user roles. Thus, these users do not see the widgets in the toolbox and do not use them. A new how-to article is designed to help you set up ...
  • Accent Insensitive Search in Sitefinity

    One way to implement an accent insensitive search is to replace the default analyzer used by Lucene in Sitefinity with one that replaces accented characters with the corresponding unaccented ones. Fortunately Lucene provides this functionality out of the box with the ASCIIFoldingFilter class. Below you could find an example of ...
  • Indexing Content of Excel Files In Sitefinity CMS

    To be able to index the contents of .xlsx files you must create a text extractor that gets the data from published .xlsx files and adds it to a search index.   Detailed information regarding how this could be achieved you will find in this documentation article.
  • How to check whether URL parameters are resolved in pages with MVC widgets

    Sitefinity 6.2 introduces a hook which lets implement “default” behavior in controllers. You can override the HandleUnknownAction method in your controller in order to decide what to do when an action method is not resolved for a controller - which can occur if you have multiple controllers on one page ...
  • Redirect unauthorized users to a custom page

    Configuring the Front-End Login Url Since Sitefinity 5.3 you have the ability to set a FrontEndUrl property, which is defined at the Site level and can be also granularly configured per site in a Multi Site instance. The FrontEndUrl is url of a page, that you will be redirected to ...
  • How To Display a Specific Selected Form From a Dropdown in Sitefinity CMS

    This Sitefinity content management code sample meets the following requirements: When a user selects a dropdown item, a form corresponding to the selected item will be opened in the form section of the CMS. If a user chooses another item from the dropdown, some other form will be opened. User ...
  • Downloading Sitefinity Documents Programmatically

    The samples provided in this blog post show how to download different types of Sitefinity documents programmatically. In the code we get a specific document by title, download its stream and then save the stream to a file in a specified directory of the project. Sample 1: Downloading a pdf ...
  • Secure Cookies in Sitefinity CMS

    FedAuth, FedAuth1 and .ASPXAUTH are cookies connected to Claims and Forms Authentication. To secure these cookies you need to first secure the Sitefinity backend with SSL. You could find additional information regarding the configurations in our Sitefinity documentation and the following blog post. Note that all backend pages should ...
  • Forms Duplication in Sitefinity CMS

    We have a lot of requests form clients about duplication of existing Sitefinity forms. Please find a sample showing how to duplicate a specific form programmatically: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)         {             var fromManager = FormsManager.GetManager();               //Get an existing form             var firstForm = ...
  • Setting a Default Filter for Library Items in Sitefinity CMS

    In Documents & Files/Images/Videos sections in Sitefinity CMS when a library is selected you have the ability to filter its item by clicking Filter.. link available in the sidebar section of the backend view. At the moment when a user clicks the filter link he/she will be redirected to a ...
  • Custom URL Formats for Sitefinity Hierarchical Dynamic Modules

    The following blog post is based on Slavo Ingilizov's blog post connected to custom URL formats for Sitefinity Content Modules. All hierarchical dynamic items in the Sitefinity CMS have URLs that are generated automatically from a given format. The default format includes the parent module item's name in the URL ...
  • Configuring CompareValidation for FieldControls in Sitefinity modules

    In Sitefinity you have the ability to compare the value of two field controls. Validation requirements that are going to be used when comparing against other controls' values are: Control to compare, Operator and Validation violation message. Below you could find an example for validating two custom field controls of ...
  • Implementing “Read more” and “Read less” functions in blog posts

    By default our blog posts do not have “Read more” and “Read less”  functions.  If you want to show only a snippet of each blog post on the main page and have the link “Read more”  for users to click and read the rest of the blog ...
  • Sorting dynamic and content items by title and email in the Grid

    This implementation is not working with versions Sitefinity 5.4, Sitefinity 6.0 and Sitefinity 6.1, because of a bug in Sitefinity. Note: To workaround the bug and implement this feature for versions Sitefinity 5.4, Sitefinity 6.0 and Sitefinity 6.1 you need to manually change the DyanmicModuleConfig.config file and remove from the ...