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  • July Updates for the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

    This July’s release of the Digital Experience Cloud marks a few amazing improvements that will help you understand your customers much better and drive more meaningful conversations with them. For those of you who don’t fully understand what the Digital Experience Cloud does, here is an overview:  What is the ...
  • Sitefinity 8.1 for MVC and Front-End Developers

    Sitefinity 8.1 is not the first release with a major investment in MVC and Front-end technology. For over a year and a half a dedicated team of engineers has been working full time on improving the development story under the codename “Project Feather”. Since then the team has released an open ...
  • Insights and Personalization for Mobile Apps with Progress Sitefinity 8.1

    Among some of the very exciting announcements for Sitefinity 8.1 is one new capability that marks a very important step in bridging web, mobile, personalization and analytics. The new Mobile SDKs bring personalization and customer journey optimization directly to the world of mobile apps and this could open some very exciting opportunities ...
  • Single Sign On Between Sitefinity and 3rd Party Applications: Part 2 – Using WIF

    In Part 1 of this series -  Single Sign On Between Sitefinity And Third Party Applications: The Basics - we discussed the essential terminology and some of the basic technology that is in play when maintaining Single Sign On scenarios between Sitefinity and 3rd party applications. In this post ...
  • Single Sign On Between Sitefinity and 3rd Party Applications: Part 1 - The Basics

    A very common task in web development and architecture is setting up Single Sign On. Often times we have to configure a setup between different applications using different protocols and frameworks to make sure that our users have to log in only once. In the most common case the architecture ...
  • Working with RESTful Services Part 2 – Claims Authentication and Designing Service Calls

    In the past we have discussed the nuts and bolts of client-side programming and specifically using Sitefinity’s WCF Restful API. You can find an introduction to the topic in this blog post. Here we are going to cover a few new and more advanced topics and provide an updated ...
  • Extending Sitefinity Search and searching by category

    Overview Sitefinity Search, true to the Sitefinity mantra, provides not only powerful set of features and a user friendly UI to manage the functionality, but also an interesting extension point that gives developers freedom to make all necessary  tweaks to meet any requirements. In this blog post we are going ...
  • Getting started with RESTful services in Sitefinity

    Sitefinity 4.x exposes a full set of Web Services. These services follow the RESTful pattern. Most simply explained this means that you are able to access and modify Sitefinity resources(think pages, news, events, blogs, users, permissions, workflows, anything). The way you are able to do that is by making a simple HTTP request to ...