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The new Sitefinity Web Tests Console Demo

by Georgi Chokov
The new Sitefinity Web Tests Console Demo you can download from here.

We are happy to introduce the Demo version of our new testing tool – “Sitefinity Web Tests Console”.
It is based on the same “WebAii v1.1” framework as our Web UI test studio.
In order to run the Sitefinity Web Tests Console you need to have Sitefinity v.3.6 Hotfix Project, “WebAii v1.1” framework installed(it is free of charge and it can be downloaded from our partner ArtOfTest official site), .NET Framework 3.5, SQL express(it is also free of charge and can be downloaded from our other partner Microsoft) and just for now only Internet Explorer v. 7 is supported.
As this is just a DEMO there are still issues with Windows 64bit editions and Windows Server 2008, of course we will do our best to fix them for the official version.

Currently, Sitefinity Test Console consists of two parts: 

    1. The already Built-in tests 
        • Currently all the Modules (exp. Newsletters) basic functionality test are included and the tests work if the IDs of the controls are not changed. 
    2. Custom step builder 
        • The Custom step builder acts as a test recorder. You write your own scenarios using only the URL of the pages you need and the ID of control you want to interact
with (currently only existence of the Controls can be Verified and the Click action for controls such as buttons, anchor etc…)

How to Run and do Basic configuration it: 
    1. Be sure that you have met all the above requirements 
    2. Please read the Configuring Your Browser for WebAii Automation in their User Guide 
    3. Extract the file 
    4. Run the TestConsole.exe file 
    5. Click the “Set Domain/User” button 
    6. Type your domain name(localhost for example) 
    7. Type you project’s name(MySitefinityProject for example) 
    8. Type Username and Password for user that has admin rights for your project. 
    9. Click “Save” button 
    10. Click “Change Settings” button 
    11. Here you need to set the absolute path for both where the log should be created and where are the test documents that came with the .zip file(c:\MyLog for example) 
    12. Click “Save” 
    13. Click “Selects Test” 
    14. Select the test you want and hit Run Tests

Warning while test are running you should not move your mouse because the tests are using live clicks on the browser Dom.

For more information you can watch these video files here.


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  1. Steve Feb 27, 2009

    Do we need to buy the Test Studio in order to use this?  Or will it be coming with sitefinity?
  2. Romi Feb 27, 2009
    Unable to install, error 1722 during install VS Templates, Rollback and bye! Umm lovely test but...
  3. N/A Mar 02, 2009
    Romi you must have the VS 2005/2008 Tests set installed so WeAii can register the templates, althou they are not needed for the Sitefinity Web Test Conolse.
  4. Romi Mar 03, 2009
    Hi, I'm not cracy. My VS have any! template in the C# or other. No Test set installed.
  5. John Mar 04, 2009
    So what exactly does this do?
    And what are the benefits?
  6. N/A Mar 04, 2009
    This tests the functionality of your project.
    Currently this is only DEMO for the admin-Modules part but the basic is:
    You set up project or update something and it will take you 3-4 minutes to see if everything is working properly. Since it is only client side working you can deploy your project on various servers and check it for errors.
    Another good feature is the Custom Step builder from which you can create very fast your own tests for both admin and public part and it will save time and cover everything you need checked. 

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