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As I did promise, I updated How to wrap a Generic Content control in 3.6 SP1. It will be included in the documentation as a replacement for Wrap Generic Content Control in a User Control.


There has been some discussion among our team about KBs. The big question is: what should we do when an article is no longer accurate for a new version of Sitefinity? Here are the two approaches:

  • Update the article.
    This is what we have been doing so far.
    • Users will find easily what they search
    • Bookmarks will always point to the latest version.
    • Users of older (and incompatible) versions won't be able to find relevant information
  • Keep the article as it is and link to older/newer versions
    This is Microsoft's approach, and my preference.
    • There will always be relevant information
    • There is a good chance that it will take longer for users to find what they need
So, what do you think about it?


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  1. Simon Martin Apr 24, 2009
    My vote is for the new (Microsoft) approach, the newest version should be on the simple link then to see older versions have links on the document, but essentially you would just modify the url with the version number as they do for .Net versions.
  2. Carsten Koster Sep 05, 2009
    I would prefeer the MS-Way.
    Keep the article as it is and link to older/newer versions.
    Due to the link you will not waste time.

    Kind Regards


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