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Programming Security: TOC

by User Not Found
As you might have noticed, another section of our Developer Manual is being out-dated. Namely, the whole Developing with Sitefinity: Programming Security section.


As a side note: what else do you think needs updating? And what do you think of our approach to documenting new features? Do you like the idea that we document things on our blogs? In my opinion this gives you the opportunity to say what you like and what you don't as we write it, so when the final help files are built, they are the way you want them.

Anyway, enough chatter :)

Temporary TOC for the "Programming Security"

Programming security


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  1. SteveH May 26, 2009
    Where is the "cookbook" on implementing Security in Sitefinity 3.6?
  2. SteveH May 26, 2009
    Sorry... (Doh!) I'm a relative newbie to Sitefinity... I missed the "Overview" links above.

    I have been "playing around" with the Login and other security controls in Sitefinity 3.6 SP1 and have had some mild success, but I think I'm missing the full story. I'll read more through the docs. Any pointers? Videos?

  3. Andrew Aug 29, 2009
    The Using Permissions link is broken.

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