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Group Operations Come to Generic Content Based Modules

by Georgi Chokov

Good day to all of you Sitefinity enthusiasts out there. I’m Slavo, a developer on the Sitefinity team and here’s my first post on the Sitefinity blogs. You’ve probably already downloaded and installed the 3.7 release we shipped a while ago (if you haven’t now is a good time). I know you have also read the release notes (like any good user does. Oh, and the manual, too ?), but with this very special first post of mine I want to bring your attention to one feature in 3.7 that you have been requesting for a while now. Namely - group operations for content.

How it all started

With a support request, of course. That’s how we start things – by listening to what you need. Along comes this person, who wanted to organize all the images he had in the Images & Documents module by moving them in different libraries. Of course he didn’t have two images in his site, the number was closer to two thousand. How could he arrange them? Well, delete an image, remember what title and metadata you have set for it, upload it again in another library, set the metadata, rinse and repeat for all images.

If I had to do this for 2000 images, I wouldn’t be happy. So we decided that we would at last devote some time to implement move. But it also had to be group move, as even when the above list of steps is brought down to a single click, repeating it 2000 times is not very pleasant. So we did that. All done on the client, looking AJAX-y and good.

Group operations

Good ideas are viral

This Move being such a good idea, it took hold of the whole mind of the developer who implemented it. From Move it became Group Move for Images, then grew even more to Group Move and Delete for images… and then it conquered the whole world of Sitefinity Generic Content Based modules by becoming Group Move and Delete for all content.

Of course it makes sense to move items only in two of the built-in Sitefinity modules – Blogs and Images & Documents. In the rest of the places you will only see Delete, but the mere fact that you can apply it only to selected items is encouraging enough.

Group Operations

Make sure you pitch this to your content contributors, organizers and clients, so that they finally leave you to do some REAL work.


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  1. Romi Sep 10, 2009
    Hi Slavo,

    Nice feature, Could you sugest another. I lovely have one custon tool in RadEditor implementing category and image selectors as ajax dropdown using some webservice to add directly in my post one image present in library ajax friendly of course. Ivan, some time a go, have make similar with news module. Welcome to blog!.
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