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Sitefinity 4 Starter Kits: Charity Website

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The Charity Starter Kit was inspired by the Microsoft GiveCamp and was designed to provide a quick but complete website for a non-profit organization. It includes all the typical features of a website, as well as helpful widgets to add new functionality and social connectivity.


By default the login for the Starter Kit user is admin and the password is password.

Template and Theme

The Charity Starter Kit includes a professional designed theme with an elegant, customizable banner. Multiple templates are available for different layout needs, all inheriting from the base template and theme.

Charity-Starter-Kit-Screen-Shot Charity-Starter-Kit-Templates

The full master page and theme files are also made available in the project. This allows you to quickly and easily modify both the overall layout and the design to suit your website's needs.


Sample Pages

The Charity Starter Kit includes a helpful set of sample pages that cover the typical needs of a public website, including News, About Us, and Contact Us.

Sitefinity-Charity-Starter-Kit-Sitemap Sitefinity-Charity-Starter-Kit-Navigation

There is also a Calendar of Events with two different views, a list view and a calendar view. Each individual event page also features a Reminder link, allowing you to add an iCal reminder to your calendar.

Charity-Starter-Kit-Events-List Charity-Starter-Kit-Events-Calendar

Every bit of sample content can be modified easily from the Sitefinity Dashboard or the new in-line edit feature.



A wide assortment of widgets are available in the Charity Starter Kit, extending Sitefinity with some helpful tools and features.

Social Widgets

These drag-and-drop widgets help you easily connect your site to a number of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr. All you need is your user name or ID to instantly add social content to your page.

Charity-Starter-Kit-Facebook-Widget Charity-Starter-Kit-Twitter-Widget Charity-Starter-Kit-YouTube-Widget

Calendar Widgets

A helpful map widget brings the power of Bing Maps to the Charity Starter Kit. The editor allows you to specify a location by address, automatically geocoding the location for use by the map.

Charity-Starter-Kit-Bing-Map-Widget-Editor Charity-Starter-Kit-Bing-Map-Widget

Calendar Widgets

The Charity Starter Kit includes a helpful iCal feed widget, allowing your users to subscribe to your entire event calendar with the click of a button.


The Calendar View control is also included with full source so you can modify it to suit your needs or use it in your own Sitefinity sites.

Donation Widget

One of the most important needs for a non-profit website is the ability to accept donations from visitors. The PayPal Donation Widget allows you to quickly add this feature to your site. The only setup required is an email address registered with PayPal.


Get Started

The Charity Starter Kit is just one of many options to help you quickly get started with Sitefinity 4. It is available both as a trial download as well as the free online sandbox. Although the kit is target as non-profit websites, the included source code and widgets will prove helpful to take any website to the next level with Sitefinity


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  1. Rehan Feb 10, 2011
    looks fantastic, great stuff. Really appreciate Sitefinities work on making this the best CMS around.

    When is the Real Estate starter kit to be released, as this is one we have been waiting for?
  2. Derryl Cocks Feb 13, 2011
    Hi Josh

    I wish I'd known about the Charity Starter Kit last weekend when I attended the River City Give Camp in Richmond, VA. We used the 30 day trial version.
    What I'm trying to add to our home page is a Paypal donate button. We have the HTML from PayPal and pasted it into a content block however it does not work. Any ideas?

    Thank You

  3. Josh Feb 14, 2011
    the HTML from paypal uses a standard INPUT tag for the submit button. this needs to be modified to use an asp:button with the postbackurl to match the paypal post url (found in the html).

    you can also extract the control from the Charity Starter Kit to reuse inside your site or as an example to see what I mentioned above. hope this was helpful!           
  4. Tom Feb 15, 2011
    I downloaded the charity website for some inspiration and it looks great!
    But what username/pwd should I use to log in to the backend?
  5. Josh Feb 21, 2011
    @Tom oops I'm sorry I didn't cover that! the default login is admin and the password is password. I'll update the post to include this info, sorry for the oversight and thanks for the heads up!
  6. John Feb 23, 2011
    how can I download the starter kit to see how its build, etc? I'm looking at the trial version of the tool and when I ask some quesitons I pointed to the starter kits, however, I get a message that i'm not a license developer, so how can I download a starter kit and possibly have some of my questions answered

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